No Meetings, TransportationWill be going to strike?

Is there a problem in the park?
Is there a problem in the park?

One of the most important agenda items of Kocaeli in recent days is undoubtedly the collective bargaining agreement of the workers in Transportation Park. The collective bargaining agreement for 720 staff is carried out by Cemal Yaman, the chairman of the Rail Work Union, Adapazari Branch. But since a long time, YERELSEN and the Railway Work Union failed to reach an agreement.

Transportation The staff working in the Park also did the beard release because of the lack of agreement. However, no recent talks had a positive air.

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Normally today, the President of the Railway Business Union Adapazari Cemal Yaman, a press release to explain the process in Transportation Park. Later, however, it was revealed that Gökmen Mengüç, the Deputy Secretary General of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will meet with the union representatives.

President Cemal Yaman canceled the press conference he planned to do today and waited for the news from the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli. However, no meeting request came from the municipality. So the expected interview did not take place. Thereupon, Cemal Yaman, has decided to make a press conference to cancel tomorrow.

Speaking to EN Kocaeli on the subject, Cemal Yaman, President of the Railway Work Union Adapazarı Branch said, az Our aim is to protect the rights of our workers. We want to eat grapes here. We don't want to beat the binder. Here there is a grievance of workers.

Tahir Büyükakın, Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, needs to take the position of transportation workers. He's definitely supposed to step in. We are the party who wants to solve the problem. We don't want to lock the job.

The process in collective bargaining agreements is clear. The workers have the right to strike. I don't want to take the word 'strike' in my mouth at this stage. But this is a legal process. We want to finish the job at the table. We want no one to be a victim ın.

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