Alstom Delivers First Generation Trains for Lyon Metro

alstom has delivered the new generation train for lyon metro
alstom delivers new generation train for lyon metro

Alstom delivered a driverless train to be used on line B of the Lyon metro network. As planned, the 30 month after the start of the project, 25 The first train arriving at the La Poudrette depot in April and passing the 5.000 km test in Valenciennes in five months, will begin dynamic night testing at the Lyon network at the end of May. Alstom will produce 30 units train, in total for the B line of the Lyon metro.

The train produced for the Lyon Metro is 36 meters long and can carry more than 300 passengers. Trains provide a new travel experience with large bay windows, LED lighting, comfortable velvet seats, passenger information screens, air conditioning, large corridors and doors, a completely low floor and an open interior door that allows passengers to move from one wagon to another during the journey.

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