First Electric Highway Test in Germany

First Electric Highway Test in Germany
First Electric Highway Test in Germany

📩 12/11/2020 11:10

Germany is among the countries that have accelerated their efforts for arasına environmentally friendly freight transport Almanya. The first X electric motorway X test in the country is carried out on the 5 kilometer of the motorway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt. A truck with electric and diesel powered hybrid engine is moving without using the internal combustion engine with the electricity it receives from the cables placed on the right lane of the road.

Tests in Germany had already started. However, earlier tests were carried out at night or on unused old air bases when roads were relatively empty.

Sweden was the first country to move on the electric motorway. The electric motorway tests in the Nordic country started at 2016. It can be said that Germany's approach to electric highways is the same as Sweden. The trucks are attracting electrical energy to the cables above the road with the pantographs on their hills. When the trucks brake, the electricity is transferred to the grid. This allows the system to work even when traffic is jammed.

The system tested by Germany will not have a big impact on transportation in the short term. There is a cable system on the 135 part of the road between Frankfurt and Darmstadt. The number of trucks compatible with this system is only 10. With the expansion of the infrastructure of the system and the increase in the number of trucks suitable for the system, the targeted environmental transformation in freight transportation can be accelerated.eknoblog)

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