Aktas Holding Focuses on India in Rail Systems

Aktas Holding Focused on India in Rail Systems
Aktas Holding Focused on India in Rail Systems

Aktas Holding, which makes production for different markets with the advantage of its extensive structuring on a global scale, focused on India in rail systems.

Indicating that they are on their way to becoming one of the most important suppliers of Indian railways, Aktas Holding Chief Executive Iskender Ulusay said, ler India railways are buying 20 thousand units per year. We would like to evaluate the potential of the potential opportunities in India, which is expected to grow on average by 10 annually for the next five years. Demir

Industrials, especially for rail suspension systems designed as both air and damping systems that they have started and began production Iskender Ulusay, India's Tata, Mahindra reminded me of their global brands, such as.

Ulusay also noted that they also send their produce directly in the suspension system OEMs in India 7-8 Turkey. It also found that the production target for South Asia and North Africa region, especially in China through the transfer Ulusay factories in China, "target market as Turkey, India, and will be followed by other EU countries. In the second phase, we defined the Great Silk Road Project as the target. We continue our work not only for the secondary suspension but also for the primary suspension. Our goal is to be the first domestic company providing products to the primary and secondary suspension. Hedef

Stating that they work closely with local rail system manufacturers, Ulusay emphasized that they are planning to work with more companies in the short term.

”Our products were included in the localization project“

Noting that Aktaş Holding is an important domestic producer in the rail sector as well as in the automotive industry, İskender Ulusay said: dedi We produce inputs in both rail systems and vibration systems, suspension systems and in the investments of rail systems. In our first study on train bellows systems, we started with 2008 for the assembly of pneumatic secondary suspension systems in ABB vehicles belonging to Istanbul Transportation company. After the successful completion of the test process, we have entered into a professional production structure for the production and testing of secondary suspension systems since the mid-2011. We were the first company that produces the train bellows in Turkey. At this point, Aktas Holding, as the rail systems suspension systems sector without focusing solely on the local market, we are carrying out important works on the way to becoming one of the global players in the sector. In addition, the products we produce within the scope of the Ministry of Industry SIP project have been included in the localization project. Ayrıca

Foresee 2019 to 35 percent growth in 40

This year, in line with the demand in the global market, 35 to 40 250 2019 in the direction of demand in the direction of predicting the reporting of Alexander Ulusay, in the medium term, the turnover of XNUMX million dollars, said they aimed to increase. Ulusay, who stated that they will reach their targets in XNUMX with the introduction of light commercial vehicles and railway projects in air suspension systems, explained that they have reached to better points in international competition on rail systems as holding.

Pointing out that R & D infrastructure is important in their success, Ulusay said that they are working to provide innovative and efficiency based products to the sector. 2017'de R & D center approved by the Ministry received a reminder that they received the Ulusay, R & D from the turnover of the percentage of 3'ya deducted in the short-term to increase the percentage of 5'ye said. Ulusay, 2018 in the last quarter of the ISO / TS 22163: 2017 IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) management systems are underlined that they are included. (WORLD)

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