Air France Strikes High Speed ​​Train

Air Francei Fast Train Carpti
Air Francei Fast Train Carpti

It is stated that France, the flag carrier airline company of France, which cannot stand the competition of the high speed train network TGV and budget airline companies, will stop the work of 465 employees and decrease by 15 percent in domestic lines.

Air Franc has announced that its budget airline competitors will reduce domestic capacity by 15 percent from the aggressive pricing and competition of high-speed train. It was stated that with this step of Air France, 465 employees will lose their jobs, while the company complained about 'overemployment' in domestic lines.


"Air France and its employees have been striving for years to keep up with market conditions and challenging competition in the industry," said Air France, the loss of domestic flights from 2017 million euros in 96 to 2018 million euros in 189, and the total loss since 2013 was 717 million. It was noted that it reached the euro.

Couldn't put on TGV's competition

The biggest blow to Air France was hit by the high-speed train company TGV, which has expanded its network across the country. TGV's high-speed trains, which are expanding across the country, increasing their capacity and saving big time, lost 90 percent of Air France's domestic market share. TGV's trains provide transportation from Paris to the surrounding cities in two hours. The company is expected to reach 2020 million passengers in 4,7.


Air France ate a coup from its budget airline competitors. While 90 percent of Air France's employees are residents of France, it has been noted that cheap airline companies that make aggressive pricing are placed at airports and have grown rapidly without providing employment in France by taking advantage of opportunities in Europe.

For this reason, it was stated that Air France will gradually decrease its domestic capacity by 15 percent, which will cost 465 people.TourismGuncel)

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