Minister Turhan Gave History for Istanbul Airport Metro

Turhan gave a date for the Istanbul airport subway
Turhan gave a date for the Istanbul airport subway

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan opened the press room of Istanbul Airport Reporters Association (IHMD) at Istanbul Airport yesterday evening and attended the iftar dinner. In the program, Minister Turhan, IHMD President Celal Uçan and members of the press, as well as THY Board Member Orhan Birdal, State Airports Authority (DHMI) Deputy Director General Mehmet Ates, Airport Operator IGA CEO Kadri Samsunlu, Istanbul Airport Local Administration Director Ahmet Onal, Istanbul Airport Police Chief Deniz Engin and guests from the aviation sector took part.

Turhan Minister made a speech after the Iftar dinner, the future of the global aviation industry said that Turkey has a great potential.


Turhan pointed out that Turkish civil aviation has made a big breakthrough in the 17 year. Sefer Domestic flights to 2002 from 2 to 26 in 7 started to take place from 56 to 2003 center. In 2, 50 aircrafts were operated by 60. By the end of 2018 124 reached the 318 point in the country. Thanks to the Turkish Civil Aviation, which has not reached any point that we cannot reach in the world, it has become one of the countries with the largest flight network in the world. In the shadow of these developments, the number of 2003 million passengers in 34,4 has reached a record-breaking 210 million. Last year, the international air transport sector in Turkey 10, 3 grown times the world average. The number of our aircraft reached 515 and the seat capacity reached to 97 bin 400. The turnover of the civil aviation sector has reached 2018 Billion Turkish Liras in 110, and the number of personnel employed has reached 205 thousand Sivil.


Minister Turhan, Turkish civil aviation with the rapid growth of the Ataturk Airport last year 68 million passengers reached, but also on the other hand in a few years has come to a point that can not meet the demands. Turhan said, em For a while, there were no new slots in many cities abroad. Giant aircraft, which are of great importance for Europe-Asia-Africa-Middle East corridor, which has a market share of 66 in transfer passengers, could not land at Atatürk Airport. Here, we determined this situation in advance, to create an additional service capacity in a new 'collect', 'distribute', 'work', 'transfer' revealed that the need to reach the airport and Istanbul Airport construction began. Although Istanbul Airport was fully operational at the beginning of last month, we only served 1 over a thousand aircraft in a short period of time. 49 19 million 1 thousand passengers were served on 785 million 5 thousand passengers internally until May. With the flights to Istanbul Airport, 906 company from 7 started to organize flights to Istanbul for the first time. Uçuş Turhan said that Istanbul Airport was criticized by some circles from the first day of the project and added: We opened the airport. Most of the critical countries have begun to praise, but some opponents in our country still continue to criticize. This airport 691 million common property of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. To criticize this airport, to show bad, to whom it benefits? Competitor countries benefit from competing airports, does not benefit anyone else, lar he said.


Turhan said that Istanbul Airport was the owner of the most important awards, and last week, a US-based monthly travel magazine gave Istanbul Airport the İstanbul special award 'in the' outstanding innovation yenilik category. Geçen The world understands the value of Istanbul Airport. However, some segments are trying to devalue Istanbul Airport. Unfortunately, these segments do not see the economic benefit of the airport to our country in a few years; or does not want to see ini he said.


Turhan, the construction of the airport in Istanbul simultaneously with the construction of the infrastructures of the airport in the construction of the recording of the work began, he said. Stating that they have established the subway infrastructure between Gayrettepe and Istanbul Airport as the Ministry, Turhan said, UM Our aim is to eliminate the shortage of transportation to Istanbul airport by giving this line service in 2020. also Halkalı- We are building the rail system infrastructure between the new airport. We also realized the delivery of the place in March. In 2022 we will be in service ında said.


Speaking at the opening of the Iftar program IHMD President Celal Uçan "We have so far, our country's values ​​and ethics by maintaining the principles of our news and we will continue to do so," he said. After the speeches, Flying, Minister Turhan and IGA CEO Kadri Samsunlu'a to present a plaque in memory of the day. (Source: DHMİ)

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