Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year and Traffic Week Event Held in Istanbul

Traffic traffic and traffic week activities in Istanbul
Traffic traffic and traffic week activities in Istanbul

Within the scope of the Ministry of Interior's declaration of 2019 as the "Pedestrian Priority Year" with the slogan of "Priority is Life, Priority is Pedestrian", the Istanbul Police Department organized an event. Ali Yerlikaya, the Governor of Istanbul and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who attended the event, said, “We declared 2019 as the year of pedestrian priority traffic. We will no longer stop at intersections and pedestrian crossings. He made eye contact and said, "Here you are, the road is yours." The training track, pedestrian awareness stand and pedestrian priority activities carried out by IMM were also introduced to the citizens.

The Ministry of Interior announced the year of 2019 as the esi Year of Pedestrian Priority ı and organized a pedestrian priority event at the Istanbul Police Department. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mehmet Ersoy, Istanbul Governor and Deputy Mayor Ali Yerlikaya, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Hayri Baracli, Istanbul Police Chief Mustafa Caliskan, Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Noah Köroğlu students and citizens attended. In the event, IMM took part in the training course, pedestrian awareness booth and pedestrian priority works.

With the announcement of any Year of Pedestrian Priority destek in the year 2019, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provided great support to the campaign with pedestrian crossings implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the pedestrian crossings, electronic pedestrian crossings, pedestrian crossings, esi First Pedestrian ılı road application and pedestrian / school gate lighting systems.

In the event held within the scope of the 2019 Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year and Traffic Week, with the participation of the members of the gendarmerie, police teams, equestrian troops and students, a walk with the theme of "Pedestrian Priority Traffic Safety" from Çemberlitaş Square to Sultanahmet Square with the slogan of "Priority is Life, Priority is Pedestrian" held. After the march, held in Sultanahmet Square "Safer Traffic Project" Speaking at the event Deputy Minister Mehmet Ersoy, Turkey is not the world's most important when confronted with security issues, said: "We always talk about the pain given and terror. However, while terrorism takes an average of 25 thousand lives in a year, traffic terror takes 1 million 250 lives. he spoke.

Looking at the figures of the year in Turkey, underlining that there heartwarming Ersoy, "in this issue concerning our ministry as the Ministry of Interior in particular the last few years many strategic steps we are taking. We first develop a strategy about the problem. Then we try to do this very well on the field. When we check it, we do not want to punish strictly, we want to prevent our drivers from committing crimes. We see the mistakes made in traffic not as a mistake, but as a crime. We believe that we can save our country from traffic terrorism as well as many other issues. ”


Ali Yerlikaya, the Governor of Istanbul and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, reminded that the week following the first Saturday of May every year is celebrated as the Highway Traffic Week by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and said, “We planned a pedestrian walk this week in Istanbul after our ministry announced 'Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year'. " said.

Yerlikaya noted: “We have a motto for this announced year. We say 'priority is life, priority is pedestrian'. It is essential to comply with the traffic rules regarding pedestrian and vehicle safety in traffic. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are a fact of life. Do you know how the World Health Organization defines traffic accidents? 'Preventable public health problem.' When we first prioritize our life safety in pedestrian or vehicle, and the safety of all people with us, we will go to a completely prevented point. Our Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, not only brought the anti-terrorism success point to the highest level, but also the traffic monster has created a huge awareness since he took office regarding this health problem we call traffic terrorism. We declared 2019 as the pedestrian priority traffic year. We will no longer stop at intersections and pedestrian crossings. We will make eye contact and say 'Here you are.'

Stating that fatal traffic accidents decreased by 4 percent in the first 33 months of this year and injured traffic accidents decreased by 13 percent, Yerlikaya said, “During the crossroads and pedestrian crossings we made this year, we saw 5 thousand 348 people who did not give priority to pedestrians and took criminal action against them. The number of fatal accidents, which was 2016 in 180, decreased by 32 percent to 123. We do not want a citizen to close their eyes to life as a result of a traffic accident. ” he spoke.

After the speeches, the students presented a show of folk dances. Tourists in the square also took photos of the police teams showed interest in the event.



Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has implemented many applications in traffic. One of these applications, the 'Pedestrian Crossing EDS' system, aims to protect pedestrians' superiority in crossing uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Innovative radar-based tracking technology or, alternatively, magnetic loop technology to detect vehicle violations; Detection of pedestrian detection with image processing software provides deterrence.


Another implementation of IMM is the signalized pedestrian intersections. This system allows the pedestrians to safely complete their transitions by regulating the irregular pedestrian movements and reduces the stopping times of vehicles.


By the IMM, pedestrian / school crossings are illuminated by the LED system to stimulate the drivers and to ensure that pedestrians from the illuminated pedestrian / school passages are confronted safely.


IMM Directorate of Traffic warns that the priority is on pedestrians by drawing the "Pedestrian First" images, which are prepared to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic, in front of the pedestrian and school crossings so that the drivers can see them. It is planned to complete 1 level crossings and 2019 school pedestrian crossings throughout Istanbul until 3086 July 2630. Currently, 61 applications were made in Fatih, Beyoğlu, Beykoz and Üsküdar districts.

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