Doha Metro's First Stage Opened

The first stage of Doha Metro
The first stage of Doha Metro

2022 FIFA World Cup, which is preparing to host the capital of Qatar, Doha, the first stage of the ongoing metro, the red line was opened to the public service.

With the commencement of the red line, the first stage of the Doha Metro, it is aimed to measure the rate of subway usage before the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the public's adaptation to the subway. The first subway service took place at the 18 stop, the construction of the red line consisting of a total of 13 stops. .

The subway will be operated by 5Km and 75 stations in three lines (Red, Green and Gold). Football fans will be able to provide quick and easy access to the metro, stadiums and hotels, city center and Lusail airport. Planned to be completed by 37, the metro line is expected to carry 2020 passengers a day.


first line of doha
doha metro map

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