Filibe Edirne Train Expeditions Revive the Economy of the City

Plovdiv train services will revive the economy
Plovdiv train services will revive the economy

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), between the Bulgarian Railways reached agreement with the Plovdiv city of Edirne, which will begin on June 1 2019 train between the time it was announced will benefit the economy.

The statement made by the Turkish State Railways Edirne Station Headquarters, from Bulgaria to Edirne where a large number of day visitors come so Bulgaria Railways that request train service between Edirne and Plovdiv and the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), jointly his work 1 will be started as of June.

TCDD Edirne Gar Directorate, Bulgaria with a capacity of 180 people from Edirne on a train to the Bulgarian citizens who come to Edirne after the exchange of the country can return to the same day comfortably, these flights will contribute to Edirne economically reported.

Only the weekend between Plovdiv and Edirne to be voiced, the morning 08.40 to move from Plovdiv to Edirne, the train will return to the clock 17.00'de moving to return to Plovdiv by expressing the number of visitors over time will increase, the economy of Edirne will be further revived It transferred.

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