Istanbul City Lines Will Switch to Summer Schedule on June 3

istanbul city lines will go to summer schedule in June
istanbul city lines will go to summer schedule in June

Istanbul Metropolitan City City Lines summer schedule 3 starts on Monday June. The scheduled flights will be available between 3 June and 15 September 2019.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which provides safe, comfortable and nostalgic public transportation services to its passengers, has arranged the City Lines City Lines expedition times according to the summer months. Served as central lines with the tariff organized taking into consideration the mobility of the summer season Kadıköy - Late trip applications on the Karaköy - Eminönü - Beşiktaş and Üsküdar lines will continue in the summer schedule.

Upon request from passengers, Büyükdere Pier started to serve in Rumeli Kavağı - Eminönü flights from the parallel lines to the coast.

Beşiktaş - Küçüksu flights from Bosphorus Lines Kabataşwhile extending to Karaköy - Bostancı flights Kabataş It is made to take off.

In the voyages of Islands, which are increased in the summer schedule, Beşiktaş - Heybeliada - Büyükada and Beşiktaş - Kınalıada - Burgazada, Kabataş - Flights from Emiönü Kadıköy will stop by Kınalıada - Burgazada - Heybeliada - Büyükada. Some of the Adalar flights during the day will be linked to Bostancı. The 23.50 flight that will be implemented this summer on the Islands line has been extended to Bostancı. Thus, the Islands will be connected to the mainland after the midnight on the ferry.

Eminonu on Sundays and public holidays - Kadıköy with Karaköy - Kadıköy lines were combined into a ring.
Sedef Island, Poyrazköy and Mehtap Trip flights took place in the summer schedule, while Sedef Island flights were extended to 8. Passengers using Sedef Island will be able to make free transfers in Büyükada. Poyraz flights from the Asian side of the Anatolian side were organized in the morning and evening every day until September.

On the ferry line İstinye - Çubuklu, which connects both sides of the Bosphorus with the 8 minute pass from the sea, will provide time and price advantage to its passengers on weekdays by 106.

The ed Nostalgic Tour ü from the Bosphorus Tours of İBB City Lines will depart from Eminönü at 10.35 and 13.35, İ Short Bosphorus Tour ost 14.30 every day. Summer evenings will be enjoyed every Saturday from Bostancı to Anadolu Kavağı in the 'Mehtap Tours of Music'.

City Lines In the 2019 summer schedule, 24 will host an average 700 operational expedition on a different line every day. The summer tariff of the Bosphorus, Adalar, Golden Horn and Car ferry lines and the Bosphorus Tours voyages will be valid until September.

The 2019 Summer tariffs are available from City Line piers, Alo 153 White Desk hotline and access is available on the web.

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