Not Ending at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport does not run out of shortcomings
Istanbul airport does not run out of shortcomings

We talked to a staff member who transferred problems from another airport to Istanbul Airport, where the planes could not land due to the wind. Stating that there are no so-called cat ways on the ceilings of the restaurants at the airport, therefore the accumulated oils cannot be cleaned, the employee pointed out the risk of fire and said, "The airport I came to was 30 years old but it was working better than this."

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of Serkan Alan from; 29 planes could not land on May 8 due to the wind due to the wind, which started operating on October 17 in the shadow of the discussions. Despite the objection of environmentalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations during the construction process, there are many problems in the terminal section of the airport, which is “raised”.

A staff member who previously worked at another airport and transferred to Istanbul Airport told about the shortcomings in the airport. In the shopping center section of the new airport, the personnel working in a company affiliated with the food sector did not want to publish the name due to the üne risk of dismissal Yeni.


Dim I came from another airport where it was zero-built, everything would be perfect, lessons from other airports would be done and better. The airport 30 I was in before, but it worked better than this mıs said the staff, ”Do you regret that you started working at Istanbul Airport? Iş to the question yıllık I'm absolutely regretful havalim is the answer.

In the restaurants at the airport, due to the lack of a cat path, we should listen to the personnel explaining the problems experienced in the terminal from the possibility of fire to the service problem that provides the transportation of the personnel, from the penalty for the enterprises to the security gap during the reception of the goods.

STAFF CLEANING THE PLACE ONLY WITH THE STAIRS: There are hoods on each of the restaurants in Istanbul Airport. These hoods are connected to the large flue channel with small channels. It is necessary to clean up the oils that accumulate in the restaurant and clean the chemicals with chemicals. The ceiling normally has a profile of the paths described as cat paths that can be walked by pressing intermittently. However, there is no cat path at Istanbul Airport and a fire may be caused by uncleaned oils. Since there is no cat path, the cleaning staff only clean the places they reach by the stairs. Though this way, the cleaning employee walks these roads and cleans all channels. This is not because the staff, to put a staircase in the restaurant to remove the ceiling covers that way trying to reach the oil. But he can reach very little. They cannot completely clean the main chimney, because there is no staircase to reach the chimney, ie the roof of the airport. When we call the technical services of the airport management on this issue 'We're not interested' they are closing the phone directly. If there is such a ladder in the project, they should know it.

WHAT IS THE FLAPS NOT CLEAN ?: What happens when these chimneys are not cleaned? Everybody knows the flaming grills of companies that sell fast food. The chimney begins to warm up in intensive use. It is constantly warming up and accordingly, the oil accumulated in the chimney is heating up. The flame in the grids can burn up the accumulated oil. In 2016, a fire broke out at Antalya Airport. Because these channels cannot be reached directly, you are waiting for each place to go out. It's not possible to intervene in those channels with a fire tube. The whole system's on fire, and you're waiting. So there is a serious risk that the accumulated oil is not completely cleaned up. The whole ceiling may burn, the ceiling may collapse, the materials in the restaurant may ignite. The whole electrical system is also installed from the ceiling. It is possible to ignite them in such a fire.

MATERIAL WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE CUSTOMS REGION: At a much smaller airport than this airport, the goods acceptance system works more smoothly. There are safe supplier applications for goods acceptance. Firms share their inventories with them and the incoming goods go through X-Ray devices quickly or not. At other airports, these X-rays are close to 2 meters to 1.5 meters and large pallets fit into them. It is not even the largest X-Ray 1.5 meter at the Istanbul Airport. The incoming pallets are shredded and the products are divided into individual devices. The process of accepting a merchandise that normally takes 2 hours on a properly working system takes 6 hours here. We're trying to get out of this. There are also products that pass through without having to X-Ray. If the 30 carton is closed in a palette, 2 is dropping to the sample device, others are being passed. This means that, uncontrolled material is inserted into the customs zone.

PENALTIES CHANGE BETWEEN 300-500 EURO: The airport management is conducting a continuous procedure for its operation. The procedures they publish are published as gir will take effect the next day Yayın. In this case, the procedure cannot be taken the next day. For example, one of them was on the goods acceptance system. In the past weeks they have issued a procedure for license plate and driver license on electric vehicles. Persons with a B license need to be trained to use these tools. The procedure is put into effect immediately the day after it is announced, but we do not have the time and the opportunity to receive these documents. They are punishing people using tools. Although these penalties are on the Euro, there are other shortcomings between the user and the 300-500 Euro. This is also paid by the companies that employees are connected to. Penalties are paid to the airport management.

THE PATHERS OF THE ROAD ARE LOST FROM THEMSELVES: There are two different companies in the airport who ask for üzer Ask me inde or sorun Ask me the problem me shirt. All of these personnel appeared in 6 in April. In the first weeks, those who described directions lost themselves and asked others about the path. They can't answer the passengers properly. The foreign language of most ”go go, left left ili level Ç

HEALTHY OFFICIALS CANNOT FIND THE PLACE: A passenger is nearing the place where we work. We've searched for healthcare providers. We describe the area with the codes in the architectural project. They could not understand the place we described. As there are a lot of stores, the paramedics cannot find the location. Also, the distances are so long and the roads are so complicated that there is no possibility that they can intervene in the x place before an hour or half before the accident. Because at one point there is a health unit. From there, they are driven by electric vehicles, and there is no way to reach the farthest point in less than a minute. If we had a heart attack there when we called someone had lost their lives.

THE MOST OF THE STAFF WERE STAYED ON THE WAY: All companies at the airport have hired a large number of people since mid-March. There is only one service company that provides these personnel with access to the airport. The number of staff has risen so much that a lot of the staff stayed on the road. Because the vehicles are full. Because the company did not have a new vehicle, the staff were brought with Havabus. People were always running late. A single server draws three shifts and never gives permission. He works seven days a week. For example, the company pays thousand TL for its employee in Ümraniye and 650 Tl for Arnavutköy. My company paid me a service charge, but I'm going by bus. Because I don't want to deal with the service. The driver at my service has changed three times. I'm going to and from the bus because I can't risk being late for work.

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