Exciting moments at Trabzon Airport

Exciting moments at trabzon airport
Exciting moments at trabzon airport

Trabzon Provincial Health Directorate National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE) 's organization in the 2018 in the' Sea Accident N theme Kurtarma Şehit J.Asb. Kd. Bçvş. Ferhat GEDİK This year, Trabzon UMKE Provincial Exercise on the “Aircraft Crash dan was held at Trabzon Airport.

According to the scenario in the exercise d A passenger plane from ABC Airport, which is coming from Istanbul Airport to Trabzon Airport, has slipped from the track due to adverse weather conditions after the wheel has been put to Trabzon Airport. The 64 passenger and the passenger plane with the 6 crew went towards the sea at the end of the runway and suffered severe damage. The 5 ton fuel is damaged and the right engine is damaged. The plane is damaged and the sea is drifting from the front part of the sea and there are falling into the sea.

The emergence of the emergency tower, airport RFF teams and Emergency teams UMKE, 112 (Provincial Ambulance Service), 158 Coast Guard East Black Sea Group Command, 155 Trabzon Police Department, 151 Coastal Safety Directorate, 122 AFAD, 110 Fire Department, Airport Property Administration and Requests for assistance by reporting to the Governorship of Trabzon. Emergency crews go to the scene before the fire extinguished the aircraft. Coast Guard DEGAK Boat 2, which is in good condition in the sea, takes the injured on the boat. XIUM 6 1 boat falls into the sea takes the wounded 6. DEGAK and KIYEM 112 Boots deliver the injured to the 2 ambulances waiting in the Port of Trabzon. The Coast Guard Helicopter is in bad condition and the 112 gets the injured on the helicopter. He took the injured to the helicopter and delivered to the 5 Ambulance. After extinguishing the fire, AFAD teams perform Hazmat scans with appropriate clothing. After the negative scan, the safe area is determined by strips, leaving the control of the area for the health organization to the UMKE Teams. With the 6 team of 112 team, UMKE Teams are the first to perform the triage of the survivors. The wounded who are classified as being red-coded with appropriate medical techniques are taken to the Medical End Point (TUN) tent established by UMKE after the accident. The wounded are treated by the doctors at the medical endpoint in terms of trauma and carbon monoxide exposure and transferred to the appropriate hospitals in accordance with the urgency order by XNUMX ambulances. Tıbbi

80 personnel and 5 UMKE Tool, 1 Mobile Command Vehicle, 2 Logistics Tool from XKEUM, 112 15 personnel from 4, 5 personnel with 34 bed, 1 Ambulance, 1 personnel, 1 Coast Guard Command, 5 Coast Guard Boat, 1 3 personnel and 8 vehicles from Trabzon AFAD, 1 personnel from Trabzon Port Authority, 1 personnel from the Coastal Safety Directorate, 5 Bot, 2 Fire Truck and 250 personnel from Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, XNUMX personnel from Trabzon Airport Health Supervision Center XNUMX staff attended with airport staff.

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