500T Made 3 Watch Waterless

tde saat waterless kalinca otobuse
tde saat waterless kalinca otobuse

Cengiz Tunca, the inventor who had the idea of ​​putting water automakers on public transportation vehicles after thinking for three hours during the trip on 76T line numbered 500 bus stop working in Tuzla-Topkapı between Istanbul and Tuzla-Topkapı, developed this idea and prepared the project and received national and international patents.

Tunca, which prepared the prototype of the device at Teknokent of İstanbul Technical University and made it ready for production after technical tests, registered the device with Sumat brand.


MilliyetAccording to the news; Tunca'nın invented water automat, Istanbul bus buses, metrobus, metro and tram cars will be placed in the 15 bin point. In addition, the larger-volume model of the device will be placed in all squares of the city, especially in areas where pedestrian traffic is intense. There will be 30 cl with 33 cl. The device will work with a credit card, mobile phone and Istanbul Card, which has a contact payment feature instead of money.

tde saat waterless kalinca otobuse
tde saat waterless kalinca otobuse


Tunca stated that there will be a cooling system in Sumat, and said: Since the device is both refrigerated and the circulation will be high, the plastic smell and cork will not occur in hot water. Water will reach the consumer in healthier conditions. The price will also be lower than other waters on the market. When the number of water bottles in the vending machine is reduced, it will be transferred from the refrigerated warehouses that will be placed at the main stops of the buses and metros. Ot


Tunca said, ai Every volume is very valuable, especially because of the increasing number of passengers in public transport before and after work. The vending machine is designed on a minimum scale so as not to occupy much space. The length of the vending machine to be placed on buses, metrobus, metro and trams will be 72, width 30, the depth of which will be 28 centimeter Otobüs.


Tunca stated that the stock tracking in vending machines will be followed online at the company headquarters and said: inin Every Sumat will be stocked with a sim card to be placed. The device will be connected to the host computer. Thus, each bottle of water purchased will be seen from the center and from the mobile terminals of the field officials. 400 team will work in the field when the water is reduced will fill the vehicles in his region. We signed a protocol with the municipality company Hamidiye waters, we will start the installation of the devices after the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality. En (Source: Milliyet)

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