20 Million Lira Investment in Ordu's Observation Terrace Boztepe

million liras investment
million liras investment

📩 29/05/2019 11:24

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has invested approximately 20 million pounds to increase the attractiveness of Boztepe. While expanding the Boztepe route, the touristic facilities of the adventure park and construction phase are adding color to the region.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that 530 has been invested to increase the tourist attraction of Boztepe, which is one of the most important touristic areas of Altınordu district, 20.

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler examined the hot asphalt road works that will facilitate access to Boztepe, one of the most important tourism and attraction centers of Ordu. Receiving information about the investments to be made and made to Boztepe, Güler pointed out that the Boztepe road was narrow and neglected until a few years ago. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Guler Guler, Boztepe road with the latest work has been expanded and made more comfortable, he said. In addition to making the road faster and more easily accessible, President Güler noted that the construction of 11 villas with 5 apartments and 1 units built in the scope of bölge Adventure Park Project X and X Touch the Four Seasons Clouds Project yan will bring a different attraction to the region. Gerçekleştiril These three investments were fully realized with the possibilities and initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. In order to increase the attractiveness of Boztepe, an investment of around 20 million pounds was made for the touristic facilities built within the scope of the Boztepe road, Adventure Park and the ”Four Seasons Touch the Clouds Project in.


President Guler, said:

Merkezi Boztepe is a tourist destination center for our foreign guests. We ended up here quickly with the possibilities of our Metropolitan Municipality. Therefore, our people will be able to leave today in a comfortable way. They will be able to provide their walks and watch all the beauty of the Army from there. We changed the hours of the ropeway to Boztepe. We got to the early hour in the morning and later in the night. Thus, more and more tourists and fellow citizens here to ensure a comfortable exit. Therefore, we make a great contribution to our economy. Our next target will be Çambaşı Plateau, a second destination. We finish this place fast. In this way, we will see the beauty of our Army not only in our guests but also in our guests. Our wealth will increase as well Hem


2017 bin m7,2 excavation, 11 thousand meter 40 fill, 3 bin 15 meter 3 stone wall production, 22 m grill and 500 m reinforced concrete wall production were carried out in 3 and 50 km, where the total length is 120 km. Until the end of the 2018 4,60 km in the hot asphalt road to the remaining 1,60 km of work on the road is completed as of yesterday. In the current 1,25 km section, which is the hot asphalt, the rain water and road widening work is planned.

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