Today in History: 2 May 1943 Zonguldak-Kozlu line


Today in History
2 May ordered 1900 II.Abdulhamid to start the construction of the Hejaz Railway. Sultan Abdulhamid; ”Avn-ü inet of the Mother of God and the Prophet (s) of the Prophet (s)) im he said to the construction of the Hatt-ı Kisadur in accordance with the imdad-ı spiritual-yesine.“ Commission-i Ali was established to carry out all the proceedings related to the Hijaz Railway. The commission, headed by the Sultan, consisted of the Minister of the Navy Hasan Hüsnü Pasha, the Minister of Public Affairs Zihni Pasha, former Minister of Finance Tevfik Pasha, Izzet Pasha and the Bahriye Manufacture Commissioner Hüsnü Paşa and Serkatip Tahsin Pasha. Then the Grand Vizier Mehmet Ferit Pasha joined the commission.
2 May 1933 Niğde-Boğazköprü railway line was inaugurated / Niğde-Boğaz¬köprü line was opened. Contractor Jülius Berger Consortium
2 May 1943 Zonguldak-Kozlu line is in operation.

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