Pedestrian Overpass in Kars Line Km 1361 + 900

carriage line km de pedestrian
carriage line km de pedestrian

TCDD 4. Regional Directorate of Kars Line Km 1361 + 900 Pedestrian Overpass Construction

Turkish State Railways Company 4. 2019 / 203963 of the Regional Directorate (TCDD) has a boundary value of 907.742,51 TL and TCDD 1.124.739,64 with an approximate cost of 4 TL. 1361 company has made a bid for the tender for the pedestrian overpass construction at Kars Line Km 900 + 12. TAAH. FUEL MAD. MEDICAL GIDA TIC. SINGING. LTD. Sti. It has won.

The tender covers 1 pedestrian overpass construction. The duration of the work is 150 (one hundred and fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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