100 Age House members learn to build model aircraft

grief house
grief house

Activities organized by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in order to ensure more active participation and productivity of the citizens of 60 over the age of 18 and started to operate in April last year, are continuing in Nilüfer Caner 100 Age House.

At 100 Age House, where members are continuously participating in social activities with different activities, this week, training was carried out on the construction of Ata Glider Model Airplane with Turkish Aeronautical Association Muğla Branch.

In the workshop created by the Turkish Aeronautical Association, Nilüfer Caner 100 Age House members learned the construction of a model airplane with the help of the instructor Hamide Visual. The members of the workshop, which will be established continuously, will be able to do the work of the model airplane at any time and receive certificates by the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

In addition, the event will be held with the participation of voluntary university students in the model airplane workshop, which was initiated to hobbyist 100 Yaş Evi members and to increase interest in civil aviation.

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