The World's Longest Electric Bus Introduced!

world's longest electric highway recognized
world's longest electric highway recognized

Technology and automotive companies 1 April joke within the scope of the fictitious products shared in these days, many people thought of a joke that came from BYD. So much so that the Chinese bus manufacturer had to add the note ekle This is not the 1 joke of April ekle. BYD unveiled the world's longest ün fully electric elektrikli bus.

The public transport bus, named BYD K12A, was also introduced as the world's first all-wheel drive (4WD) electric bus. The system can easily switch between 2WD - 4WD, thus it is highly suitable for different road conditions and can reduce energy consumption.

300 km range on a single charge

According to the BYD's Facebook page, the length of the electric K12A is exactly 27 meters. The bus, which consists of three parts connected to each other by two bellows, was announced to have the capacity to carry 250 passengers. The K12A will be equipped with a single-charge 300 driving range and the maximum power of 70 km / h.

To be used as Metrobus in Colombia

BYD, which introduced K12A in Shenzhen, China, said the bus was developed for the TransMilenio BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System in Colombia. So BYD K12A will be used as a Metrobus in Colombia. (donanimhaber)



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