TÜVASAŞ is capable of producing all domestic and national railway vehicles

tuvasas will be able to produce all railway vehicles locally and nationally.
tuvasas will be able to produce all railway vehicles locally and nationally.

Yaman, the president of the railway branch, met with members of the press. Yaman statement, stressed that the local and national TÜVASAŞ came to the point of producing all rail vehicles in need of Turkey.

Railways-business Union of Adapazari Branch Building on the result of a coming together union president with the press breakfast, Cemal Yaman, Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) 's past, shared today and the public on the subject of disclosure future.

Yaman, with TÜVASAŞ of his pupil and their respective projects in Turkey, but it should be noted that an organization has not introduced enough.

Explaining that TÜVASAŞ produced the first domestic railway passenger wagons, electric suburban series, RAYBÜS, TVS-2000 series luxury passenger wagons, Modernization projects and Diesel Train Sets called “Anatolia”, Yaman said that in addition to these, around 2500 railway vehicle production in total. Yaman also reminded that he has repaired and modernized approximately 40 thousand vehicles, and within the framework of TÜVASAŞ's joint production, BURSARAY Metro vehicles and MARMARAY vehicles and experience in the production of rail vehicles for urban transportation. kazanstressed that.

Couldn't break their hoods
Despite all this, Yaman was unable to break the shells of TÜVASAŞ and become unable to come into a position as a brand. Yaman, who explained the obstacles to this, argued that these obstacles were the procedures of public procurement agency law, state personnel law, procedures applied in domestic and foreign tenders and financial reasons.

Underlining that the struggle between the world countries is based on the economy, Yaman said, altın The last output of this struggle is unfortunately war. Providing the survival of our country is possible with all our sectors and therefore our economy as strong as in our defense industry. For this purpose, how to provide direct procurement to the Defense Industry Sector; The same regulations should be introduced to the rail vehicles production sector so that our sector can become stronger with its domestic and national production and exports Demiryolu.

As a solution to these difficulties, Yaman argued that the presidency's rail sector presidency should be established and all supply and demand management of the country should be determined strategically by this presidency. Yaman stated that this step will eliminate the difficulties in international bureaucracy.

Referring to the production process of the domestic and national train, the tender of which was made five years ago, Yaman said, “Even though it was started five years ago, the 160 km / h speed Electric National Train Set Project, which did not show any significant progress, was carried out by Prof. Dr. High momentum after İlhan Kocaarslan took office as General Manager kazanand in the last 1,5 years, the installation of the Aluminum Body Factory, vehicle design studies and component procurement have been completed and production studies have been started. This national train to be produced will also be used in the Ada express. The five-car prototype series, which is the first batch of the 100-vehicle order, will be put on the rails at the end of 2019 and will be presented to our nation. We want you to know that our institution faces great obstacles and difficulties in the international arena so that it does not produce these train sets.

As far as we know from TCDD informations, 10 will exceed 10 thousand km in the coming XNUMX year.

Some of them will be used for 160-200 km / h speed train sets, while others will be for 200-250 km / h. Therefore, in the coming 10 year, our country will be working on these routes Fast and High Speed ​​Electric Train Sets will be needed in very large amounts. Dolayısıyla

Stating that he wants to make a sampling on the part of the subject, Yaman emphasized that the railway infrastructure in the country is similar to the vessel system found in humans and the circulating blood is like railway vehicles. Yaman, to be produced by the body's system of blood vessels circulating in how important, in the production of vehicles in the railway network in Turkey, he argued that it was very important.

Yaman stated the following; Ümüz He found the answer under the leadership of our General Manager. To overcome the bureaucratic obstacles in front of TÜVASAŞ status; 160 has signed a cooperation agreement with ASELSAN, in which it works together with the National Electric Train Sets with speed of km / h and the National Electric Train Sets with the speed of 225 km / h. It exceeds the bureaucratic obstacles arising from state status in design, marketing and similar situations with the autonomous structure of ASELSAN.

TÜVASAŞ management by the President of the President of the nationalism and nationality discourse by removing the task; In the installation of Aluminum Body Production Factory, in the production process of 160 km / h Electric National Train Sets and in the development of 225 km / h Speed ​​Train Sets and components; First of all, it works in close cooperation with many local companies including ASELSAN.

In recent years, 12 has been imported 26 various railway vehicles and components from various countries and 6 billion dollars abroad has been purchased. This is a great loss for our country, which needs to use its scarce resource in the most efficient way, because it creates permanent dependency.

Let's not continue this error as a country. As I said, my dear friends, our country needs thousands of close-range rail vehicles, thousands of mainline passenger rail vehicles and thousands of fast and high-speed train vehicles in the coming 15 year. All the international representatives of this sector are in the pursuit of this market. Their only concern is to take as many shares as possible from this market.

For this, they will cooperate with the private sector representatives who are in pursuit of this market in our country.

Both the international sector and the private sector representatives in our country are the only targets of this market.
These technologies of domestic and national industry in our country kazanIt is a mistake to think that they support the development of technology or want us to make new technological initiatives related to it. On the other hand, the development of this sector in our country and reaching a certain level is a process. We believe that this process should be overcome with a national mindset. Because it is obvious that no foreigner would want such a technology transfer in our country in the short term, and that our country would become domesticated and nationalized in this sector, and then work towards exports.

As a result; In our country, the technological development of this sector, and the development of the future in the future, depending on these substructures to provide new technological expansions and to make production in these areas, our state will support the national and domestic initiatives in this sector will be possible today. No foreign or private sector will ever be such a problem and will not be. They have accounts for rent only in this market in our country. We can only prevent these accounts with the transition to the domestic and national sector. The survival of our sectors is our economic survival; our economic survival will be the survival of our country.

Our country; He has painful experiences like the example of Devrim Arabası and Nuri Demirağ's aircraft industry. We want the state, the bureaucracy to take on TÜVASAŞ and its initiatives in this regard and to prevent a new process of suffering in our sector.

Our government; Under the leadership of TÜVASAŞ, ASELSAN should develop and expand these activities with direct procurement.

TÜVASAŞ has acquired the capacity and capability to make the majority of these vehicles together with the domestic and national industries.

For this, the only thing TÜVASAŞ expects from its strategic planners who determine their rail vehicle needs; When infrastructure investments, which take place in a long period of time, are started, the demands regarding the vehicles to be used are reported directly to TÜVASAŞ. With its industrial environment, TÜVASAŞ will organize the business from design to production at the center of the rail vehicle production base it has established in our region, and will be able to produce train sets carrying passengers that our country needs together with its local partners and suppliers (ASELSAN, TÜLOMSAŞ and other local industrialists). Thus, all of our expenses will be transferred to the development of our economy and industry. Following this, imports will decrease and employment and exports will increase. Our country will have realized the locality and nationality mentioned in the railway vehicles sector. ”(I haberlisin.co)

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