Small Traffic Cops at Work in Ankara

tiny traffic cops
tiny traffic cops

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 24.dönem Children's Assembly members, 15 July Kızılay National Will Square with the traffic police did the inspection.

The Children's Assembly 12. The traffic inspections that have been carried out since the end of the year were realized in cooperation of Ankara Police Department Traffic Inspection Department. In order to draw attention to the traffic rules and to raise awareness about the traffic rules, the children informed everyone about the traffic rules from 7 to 70.


Tiny cops in Kızılay with their hats and uniforms;

”You stop, life should not stop“,

Değil Be aware of your speed, not your attention “,

”Priority is the priority of life, ın

”Traffic culture develops with respect, not by law“,

“We are always together on this path yolda,

Alar The solid foundation that keeps the building alive, the safety belt that keeps the driver alive, ıyla made important reminders to both elders and peers.

After the traffic training, the police detained the pedestrian crossings with the Traffic Detective cards and asked the pedestrians and the drivers about the basic traffic rules and gave gifts to the right responders.


Members of the Children's Assembly, who said that the purpose of traffic inspections was to raise awareness of traffic rules in general, underlined that these controls were remarkable.

Children's Assembly 24. Yay The aim of traffic inspections is to raise drivers, pedestrians and passengers. We ask questions, and if they do, we give them gifts. If we have traffic controls like we do, it attracts people's attention. It sets an example in our society. Toplum


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