General Director of TCDD Transportation Arıkan Elected to the Middle Corridor Board of Directors

tcdd transport center general manager
tcdd transport center general manager

The General Assembly and working group meetings of the International Union of Trans-Caspian International Transport Routes (TITR), called the Middle Corridor, were held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

(The International Union of Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR) Board of Directors has been amended “

General Manager Erol Arıkan was elected as the member of the board of directors of the union where TCDD General Directorate of Transport was a permanent member.

While the General Assembly of the International Union of Trans-Caspian International Transport (TITR) approved the Regulation of the Board of Directors of the TITR Association, the decision of the General Assembly was accepted by the Kazakhstan Company Kaskor-Transservice AŞ as an associate member of the Association.

Petrol Oil gas will be transported in the Central Corridor “

At the General Assembly held under the chairmanship of Sauat Mynbayev, General Director of Kazakhstan Railways, the competitive tariff rates for grain, oil crops and legumes, sulfur, coal and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) were approved for the 2019 year and commercial and operational issues were discussed.

”3 on the route has increased more than the floor“

Members of the General Assembly, XRUMX 2019 3 2,9 in the month of the first year of the transit transports in the 2,5 floor, the strategic importance of the Chinese-European line in the 3 fold increased, he said. At the same time, it was noted that the container transport on the route in question increased more than the XNUMX floor.

Is First time flight of the Turkestan “

Furthermore, in the scope of regular container transportation on 16 April 2019, the, Turkestan ılı Cossack feeder ship carrying goods loaded with Chinese goods (electronic goods, fabric, other consumer goods), which are in transit from the port of Lianyungang in Kazakhstan, was shipped from Aktau port to Baku port for the first time. It was decided to make the said flights weekly.

TITR Union members, TITR (Middle Corridor) over the 2019 in the first quarter of the year moved the volume of cargo. The Union has agreed on issues related to the organization of container transport in the railway - water line by the use of feeder ships between the ports of Aktau - Baku (Alat) in the Caspian Sea. In addition, in the formation of container trains on the TITR route, the cooperation between the parties in the organization of freight transports and so on. issues were discussed and discussed.

tcdd transport center general manager
tcdd transport center general manager

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