TCDD Tested National Signalization System in Izmir

tcdd first tried the local signaling system in izmir
tcdd has tried the local signaling system in izmir

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), one of the local and national studies and examples of completed construction works tried signaling system in Izmir.

General Manager and General Manager of TCDD from Selçuk Gardan Steam Locomotive and Çamlık Station, General Manager and Institution Managers of Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Within the scope of the program, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun and his companions came to the station by land train and the local signaling system was tried.

The system will be used to control and control level crossing barriers both integrated with interlocking and independent level crossover control will be applied, and when the train approaches the gate, the barriers will close automatically with the signal system.

In his speech at the ceremony, appropriate, he said that they carried out important projects on railroads within the scope of domestic and national production mobilization, and that they were involved in domestic and national signaling projects.

Etti As TCDD, we are working on the installation of local and national signaling in the 700 kilometer railway line, N said Uysal.

Di In addition to the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Yapı Merkezi, which is one of the pioneers in the railway sector, was conducting local signaling activities at Çamlık Station. As of today, we are starting the trial operation of the system, where the installation and test work is completed. We thank everyone who contributed to the project. Proj

In the statement made by Yapı Merkezi İdis, ası TCDD 3 with Çamlık station outline signaling system application. On the route route of the trains between İzmir and Aydın-Denizli within the boundaries of the region, the Çamlık station between Selçuk and Ortaklar stations and the neighboring open-line route with a total of 20 kilometers have been signaled. Yer

De The system is designed to provide compatibility with the European Train Control System (ETCS), Level-1 and Level-2. can be used. In addition, the first application of the system, which has DAS technology that enables tracing of trains and line status via fiber-optics, which is rapidly increasing in railway applications in recent years, is also in Çamlık Station. Alarında

After the ceremony, TCDD Turkish Folk Music Choir took the stage at the dinner given at Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum within the scope of International Railway, Light Rail Infrastructure and Logistics Fair-Eurasia Rail. (YM)

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