TCDD Suspended Gemlik Train Project

tcdd has asked for a ship train project
tcdd has asked for a ship train project

The first gospel inal 23 announces Binali Yildirim as the Minister of Transport of the era during the laying ceremony of the high-speed train project in Balat on December 2012:
. We decided to link the high-speed train to Gemlik. We will start the project at 2013. Proje
This line…
Although it was initially understood as the continuation of the high-speed train, it was the freight train line.
After that…
Criticism has occurred because the designated route has passed through fertile agricultural lands, even the village headmen 7 went to Ankara and filed an appeal, suggesting a new route.
The project tender was completed and the expropriations were completed. Even during the dismantling of fruit trees in the expropriated lands, there were even discussions.
The project ...
Bilecik Osmaneli to Bursa from the high-speed train line will leave the station in Balat; the freight train line was reached via D joyhush-Gundogdu and Kurşunlu from the beach to the port.
Industrial areas in Bursa and Central Anatolia would be connected to the port by rail. For the future, a freight train line was planned from Balat to the port of Bandırma.
An important step was taken in 2017 and the 24-mileage Gemlik freight train line 680 was included in the annual program 3 for a million pounds.
So what…
The economic hardship that started with the sudden increase in foreign exchange last year affected the Bursa high-speed train project, and the work on the Bursa-Yenişehir line disrupted. Even if the tender was done in the Yenişehir-Osmaneli line, the construction site could not even be established, the works never started.
While this uncertainty was in progress, the TCDD was informed about the new situation assessment.
According to those who reach our ears, TCDD wants to complete the high-speed train project and want to concentrate here in the coming period.
When the priority was given to the high speed train, the project was suspended due to the fact that the Gemlik freight train was not applicable under the current conditions. (Contact Ahmet directly - Event)

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