TCDD and Railway Train Operators Meet in Consultation Meeting

tcdd and railroad train operators meet at the exception meeting
tcdd and railroad train operators meet at the exception meeting

TCDD, TCDD Transport and rail train operators met at the Headquarters meeting room for consultation.

General Director of TCDD Ali İhsan Uygun, TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu, General Director of TCDD Transportation Erol Arıkan, TCDD Transportation Deputy General Manager Çetin Altun, General Director of Railway Transportation Association Yasar Rota and general managers of companies operating train companies in private sector participated in the meeting.

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the development of the railway management and the problems faced by the stakeholders in the sector.

“We are the only addressee of all your problems”

Uygun stated that the TCDD had the first meeting for the coordination of railway train operators. Ir The problems are not problems that cannot be solved. We are aware of the costs of the problems to be solved in the long term. We're here for that. We will overcome with patience and patience. Sab We are also the only addressee of all your problems, stating that it will be ensured that every topic spoken at the table will be followed. We're here for this, my friends are taking notes on every vision. TCDD said we want you to make sure we do what we can.

Dur TCDD Transportation is Our Main Feature “

Transportation Inc. is a TCDD group referring to the Fit, the company is one of the main elements for TCDD, he said. Stressing that the point of view of the sector is important, Uygun said that, as our stakeholders in the private sector, your views are worth the gold for us.

”We Take Our Power From Our History“

TCDD General Manager of Transportation Erol Arıkan We take our power in the sector from our history. This meeting will consolidate our quick steps and will enable us to reach our goals more easily. Our consultations will shed light on us as usual. As TCDD Transportation, we are ready to provide all kinds of assistance to our stakeholders in the sector. We are here to solve our problems and we; As a well-established organization, we believe that we need to lead our stakeholders in railway operations. Our steps are to increase the competition and to erode the steel rails that everyone can be happy with.

As transportation, we receive service in the 20 item on freight transport from TCDD. I believe that since we are big enterprises in service procurement, we need to organize a little more combined organization. I believe that we encourage our stakeholders in the private sector. For the 3 years, the problems we encountered in railway train operations have not been solved. I think that we will develop and develop the sector and our country with unity. I believe that consultation meetings will increase the success of our sector. Therefore, I wish to continue at certain intervals.

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