Today in History: 5 April 2006 Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train

ankara istanbul speed train
ankara istanbul speed train

Today in History
5 April 1857 The decision to extend the Rumeli Railway concession to the British Parliamentary Labro was decided.
5 APRIL 1858 From Izmir to Aydin, the Ottoman Railway Company was not paid on time and entered into cash shortages. Construction of the company until November 1858
5 April 1925 The Erzurum Havali-yi Şarkiye Railways Administration “in Erzurum was established with the law numbered 600. This Administration was established in order to operate the Erzurum-Kars line, which was under the control of Kars-Gümrü treaties. The iyet Railways Construction and Management General Directorate diğer was established to operate the other lines under the same law. Thus, railways 3 started to be managed by a separate organization.
5 April 1967 The first board meeting of the Turkish Railroad Union was held.
5 April 2005 Ankara Gar TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate of locomotives was introduced.
5 April 2006 Polatlı-Duatepe Tunnel was opened in the first part of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project. Authorities, Polatlı-Neonatal Tunnel and high-speed train studies were examined.
5 April The move to 2019 Istanbul Airport has started.

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