Today in Date: 10 April 2006 TCDD computerized Tarih

TCDD computerized ticket sales point
TCDD computerized ticket sales point

Today in History
10 1921 241 1 number order, the Kubithane-Black Sea Sahara Line Commander's Office opened a Officer's Fire Training course. The first circuit of the course was completed between 1921 May 31 X 1921 October 15. The second circuit XNUMX started in December.
10 April 1924 Law No. 1340 on the execution of Trabzon Port of Trabzon by the Trabzon-Erzurum Railroads during the 476 Year. 1988 was abolished in the year 3488.
10 April 2006 TCDD has removed the computerized ticket sales point to 150.
10 April 2019 8.International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair EurasiaRail opened its doors to the visitors for the first time in Izmir exhibition center

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