Spor A.Ş, Skiing and Snowboarding Training for 2 Thousand Children

spor as bin cocuga gave training in skiing and snowboarding
spor as bin cocuga gave training in skiing and snowboarding

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to support sports. Greater Municipality of Spor A.Ş. this year 2 gave skiing and snowboarding training to over a thousand children.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Spor A.Ş. kayak Snow Academia Junior ”, which is part of the company, has spent the year full of ski season. The-Snow Academia Junior ”29-31, which opened the doors of the ski season on 7 in December and closed it on 15 in March, gave snowboarding and skiing training to children aged between the ages of XNUMX-XNUMX every weekend and semester. in Education; food, service, ski equipment and ski training were offered at symbolic prices. This year, the Sports Season, which raises more than two thousand children in total during the ski season, gave training to adults and university students on weekdays. These trainings received great attention from outside the province in addition to Kayseri.

Located in the event of Turkey's largest ski school Sports Inc., also is working to educate the champions of the future. Within this scope, Spor A.Ş. The Youth and Sports Club has won 7 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals in competitions held in and out of the city.

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