Social Cooperative Training and Publicity Train Reached to Ankara as Second Stop

social cooperative training and promotion train reached the second stop
social cooperative training and promotion train reached the second stop

Within the scope of the "Social Cooperative Promotion, Education, Development and Implementation Project" carried out by the Ministry of Commerce, the Social Cooperative Education and Promotion Train started its spring campaign on April 05, 2019 with the opening program held with the participation of Minister Ruhsar PEKCAN. After three days of activities in Istanbul, the Social Cooperative Train reached Ankara, its second stop.

Social Cooperative Train Ankara Arrival and Reception Ceremony today Necmettin ERKAN, General Director of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, TCDD Deputy General Manager Ismail ÇAĞLAR, Cooperative Representatives, representatives of Tradesmen and Artisans Profession Organizations and with the participation of Ankara people took place at Ankara Station.

In his speech at the ceremony, General Manager Erkan pointed out the importance of the social cooperatives that are increasingly published in the world.

Tur In our country, especially in the fields of health and education, we have respected institutions that serve without a profit. The social cooperatives, which carry out their activities not for profit purposes but for the purpose of producing social benefits, draw attention with successful examples in recent years. The social cooperative model, which brings social benefit target together with an entrepreneurial spirit, is becoming increasingly popular, especially in European Union countries.

The social cooperative is a phrase that we begin to hear and use. However, the spirit of partnership, unity and solidarity that constitutes the essence of this model is not new to us but rather rooted. We are a nation that has been carrying the generations as a national character to be crowded, to share, to help each other and to wrap up his wound while we are consuming. The yeast community is necessary for the development and expansion of social cooperatives.

It is the right to explain this work together with our General Directorate and other public institutions and civil organizations. For this purpose, I would like to hope that this journey, which will introduce social cooperatives to the public within the framework of the Social Cooperative Promotion, Education, Development and Implementation Project of our General Directorate, will be completed successfully Genel.

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