Social Cooperative Training and Promotion Train in Gaziantep

social cooperative education and training train in gaziantep
social cooperative education and training train in gaziantep

In order to increase the awareness of the social cooperative model within the scope of the Social Cooperative Education, Promotion, Implementation and Development Project developed by the Ministry of Trade, General Directorate of Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Cooperatives, to support, develop and disseminate social cooperatives. Training and Publicity Train, 5 reached Gaziantep Gar in April.

Gaziantep Governor Davut GÜL and Ministry of Commerce, Artisans and Co-operative Deputy General Manager Ekrem Alper BOZKURT in the welcome ceremony after the ceremony held in the ward of the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce was passed to the information meeting. Successful cooperative stories were shared during the meeting, which started with a presentation of the trade specialist Gökçen Mert KORKMAZ on the social cooperative, which was attended by relevant non-governmental organizations and cooperatives. ORKOOP Foreign relations coordinator and member of COOP EUROPE Board of Directors Ünal ÖRNEK gave valuable shares about social cooperatives.

In the afternoon, the program continued with the social cooperatives-themed drama workshop for children in the Nizip Temporary Shelter Center. 16 interviewed social cooperatives with the students on April in Gaziantep University. Vice Rector of Gaziantep University Dr. Mr. Metin BEDIR and the Ministry of Commerce, Artisan and Co-operative Deputy General Manager Mr. Ekrem Alper BOZKURT started the conversation with the representative of need map Yağmur TAŞDEMİR, UN Volunteers representative Nil MEMİŞOĞLU and Trade Expert Gökçen Mert KORKMAZ The section ended.

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