Second Train Comes to Eastern Express

hike signal
hike signal

Bad news to those who love Eastern Express! Is there a raise for Eastern Express tickets where many citizens compete with each other to find tickets? TCDD Transport has signaled that it is possible to increase ticket prices in the context of ın increasing revenues in the public sector T.

The nostalgic train of TCDD runs on the Eastern Express, Ankara-Kırıkkale-Kayseri-Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars route. Approximately one thousand kilometers from the 30 road, 24.5 is completed in hours. Passengers are experiencing an unforgettable experience throughout the line. It witnesses the beautiful nature of Anatolia; She tastes the delights of the local table.

On this train, 4 4 passenger seat wagons, bed can be covered with 2 personality covered wagons, sink, refrigerator and table bed with XNUMX sleepers.

TCDD puts it on a daily basis. The number of flights does not meet the high demand. Citizens are competing with each other to find tickets to the Eastern Express. He can buy tickets for weeks.


On the same route, a second train will be put into service on the same route. HabertürkAccording to the news of Olcak Akdilek; According to a study by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the second train will consist of sleepers only. Every day will be done one time. According to Eastern Express ticket prices will be expensive. Thus, some part of the demand will be met.


Citizens, one of the most curious issues in the Eastern Express tickets will be raised or not gelir TCDD Transportation, ağı public revenues to increase revenue pr within the scope of the ticket prices, it was possible to increase. The Ministry of Transport tends not to raise until the end of the year if there is no extraordinary development Ulaştırma ( Habertürk)

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