Sandblasting and painting of steel bridges

sand blasting and painting
sand blasting and painting

TCDD 7. Blasting and Dyeing on Steel Bridges in the District Directorate Zone

Turkish State Railways Company 7. 2019 / 150509 of the Regional Directorate (TCDD) has a boundary value of 758.517,89 TL and TCDD 1.211.737,15 with an approximate cost of 7 TL. 47 has made a bid for the tender for the Sandblasting and Dyeing of Steel Bridges in the Regional Directorate of Regional Directorate and it has won MERT ENGINEERING with the bid of 759.976,75 with the tender which is not finalized. 23, which participated in the tender, bid below the limit.

The tender includes 12.805,00 m2 Sandblasting and Dyeing. The duration of the work is 150 (one hundred and fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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