Food and Beverage Vending Machine from SAMULAŞ to 9 Station

food and drink at samulastan station
food and drink at samulastan station

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samsun Project Transportation Reconstruction Construction Yat. Singing. and Tic. Inc. (SAMULAŞ) has added a new one to its innovations on the Light Rail route. SAMULAŞ, 8 station to place food and beverage vending machine was welcomed by the new application.

SAMULAŞ, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Culture Tourism Inc. in collaboration with 8, they installed vending machines to meet the food and beverage needs of the citizens. The assembly of the vending machines placed at 8 stations, including the University - Atakent - Turkis - Denizevleri - Büyük Cami - Meydan - Gar - Balıkçı Shelter, was completed and made available to the public.

SAMULAŞ Board Member Kadir Gürkan, who provided information about the subject, said, “Our company, which continues to successfully serve railways for the Samsunites, continues to fulfill the demands of our people. In this context, the vending machines we placed in our stations were welcomed with the appreciation of our people. Many of our citizens, looking for us, thanked us. As SAMULAŞ, our innovations will continue in our rail service ray.

Kadir Gurkan, e-derivatives, Mimarsinan, Samsunspor stations, especially all other stations will set up a vending system by specifying, "our application launched in February 2 will serve all our stations in the month," he said.


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