Bursa Rural Road Works in Progress

road works in the bursa
road works in the bursa

Bursa's Karacabey district of the Harmanli Mahalle road asphalt paving works, while the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas, all rural neighborhoods, especially transportation to improve the quality of life, said that they are carrying out the work.

In Bursa city center, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 17 district, 1058 continues its efforts to improve road quality in the neighborhood of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which produces rooted solutions to the transportation problem with its smart junction and road expansion works, planned additional metro lines and overpass interchanges. Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to eliminate the problems of transportation and infrastructure, which is the biggest expectation of the rural neighborhoods, has come to an end in the asphalting works on the way to Harmanlı neighborhood of Karacabey district. While the works are completed in the 3 meter section of the 1650 kilometer road where the connection to the neighborhood is provided via the Izmir road, the paving work in the remaining 1350 meter section is also continuing rapidly.

The road is civilization

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş visited the road works which are continuing together with Erdem Çolak, Mukhtar of Harmanlı Neighborhood and Ertem İşcan, District Chairman of Karacabey District. Hakan Bebek information about the Department of Transportation President Aktaş receiving information, asphalting, infrastructure and superstructure, including 17 district 600 work on separate sites, said the work. Despite the economic conjuncture of the country, President Aktaş stated that they are trying to bring service to the 1058 neighborhood of Bursa by using the resources in the most efficient way. Ekonomik Yol is the civilization. In line with the instructions of our President, we are working hard to provide transportation in healthy areas in all of our neighborhoods. We continued our asphalting works in the Harmanlı neighborhood of Karacabey, which is one of the districts of Bursa that are open to development in the west. We have completed the 1650 meter section of the road and we will complete the remaining part in a short time. Even if the roads get healthy in the city center, our people will not cut off their contacts with their villages, they will come here on holidays, weekends, and will enable the rural neighborhoods to move in. Yol

Harmanlı District Headman Erdem Çolak also reminded that the road works have been increased to 1965 meters of 3 meters since 10 and thanked Aktaş for the works done in the region.

Enough of a charity

After completing his studies on the road, Chairman Aktaş met with the citizens in the square of Harmanlı Quarter upon the invitation of Muhtar Çolak. Addressing the neighborhoods here, President Aktaş emphasized that the elections are over and that the period of life, beginning and endeavor has begun. President Aktaş stated that all districts will win new beauties with the works to be carried out in the new period. If someone passes through this road, 'God bless those who do,' he would not be worthy of us. A blessing is enough for us. Bir

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