Road Maps for Eskişehir Industry

road maps for Eskisehir
road maps for Eskisehir

In the April Joint Vocational Committee meeting held within the scope of the social activities of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, information was given about the activities of the Chamber and the expectations of the ESO Members were examined. In the meeting, 5 vision reports, which were prepared by ESO, revealing the situation in which different sectors are located, including their problems and their solution suggestions, were also shared.

ESO Professional Committee members brought together the broad participation of the meeting after the elections to give importance to the economy-oriented policies, to meet the need for qualified personnel in the industry to meet the needs of vocational training, Eskişehir in the logistics area, the aviation and rail systems sector has created the agenda for the need to be done .

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESO Celalettin Kesikbaş stated that the meeting, which brings together the 16 professional committee within the Chamber, will be held twice a year. Again, we will form the road map of common solutions within the recommendations of our members. Because our problems bring more love and work to our city, Çünkü he said.

5 vision report to the industry
Stating that they have left behind a year in ESO management, Kesikbaş said, “Since the day we came to management, 1 year has passed and we have tried to do a lot of work in this process. We have participated in domestic fairs, developed projects, opened trainings, met with the buyers, arranged overseas delegations for one-to-one meetings with our industrialists, and continued our studies for both training and export-increasing projects. On the other hand, we started to prepare strategies in the light of vision reports for the development of our sectors. Diğer

Kesikbaş reminded that they have implemented a series of works to increase the economic potential of Eskişehir. We have identified the sectoral problems and solutions of our aviation, railways, mining, furniture and building materials sectors in a sense by pulling an x-ray. In this way, we have prepared our 5 vision. In this sense, we have accelerated our work for other sectors için.
Stating that the most important criterion in all projects is to open the way for industrialists producing in Eskişehir, Kesikbaş underlined that it is important to introduce the services of Eskişehir industry.
After the speech of ESO Chairman Kesikbaş, the Chairman of the Professional Committee and members of the Professional Committee made evaluations and shared their opinions on the solutions.



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