Portuguese Investigators in Samsun

portugalis examined samsunda tramway vehicles
portugalis examined samsunda tramway vehicles

In Samsun, the light rail system is operated by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Singing. and Tic. (SAMULAŞ) hosted metro managers from Portugal. Portugal's chief executive, Pedro Mota Pereira, Metro Operations Manager of Porto, 2's largest city after Lisbon, and Nuno Aleluia, Operation Director of Porto Metro visited SAMULAŞ.

Çin Our guests surveyed our CRRC Brand Light Rail Systems from China, which we used on the Rail System Line. Our maintenance and repair teams provided our guests with detailed information on the operation and maintenance performances of vehicles in particular Bakım.

Ziya Kalafat stated that the Portuguese subway managers also received information about the local tram Panaroma produced by Durmazlar Makina Sanayi in Bursa. Üret We also provided technical information about Panaroma to our guests. After the mutual exchange of information, we were informed about the important key performance data of the Porto Tramway Company. When we compare these performance data with our own data, we once again witnessed the high quality of services we offer to our citizens. This made us happy, Bu he said.

Finally, guests from Porto visited SAMULAŞ Board Member Kadir Gürkan in his office.

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