Mersin International Bike Tour Ended

myrtle international bicycle tour ended
myrtle international bicycle tour ended

Tour of Mersin International Bike Tour was organized by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality this year. 5 at the end of the round. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour General Stage Winner 5 hours with the 12 minutes of Germany's Bike AID team Peter Koning was the owner of the yellow jersey.

Mersin Governor's Office under the auspices of Turkey Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and the Cycling Federation was held in collaboration 5. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour 4. Stage Races have been completed. The contestants fought hard for four days and the total 500,6 pedaling miles.

5, which started at Cumhuriyet Square and ended at the Peace Square of Özgecan Aslan. Tour Of Mersin International Cycling Tour of the fourth day, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap choice, Mersin Deputy Governor Solomon Sea, Provincial Police Director Mehmet Şahnur, Turkey Cycling Federation Board Member Mehmet Zeki Kutlu, Akdeniz Municipality Mayor Abdullah Özyigit Taurus Mayor Atsiz Afşin Yılmaz, Deputy Mayor of Akdeniz Municipality Zafer Şahin Özturhan and many Mersinites attended the event.

The race started with President Seçer's flag lifting in Cumhuriyet Square, İsmet İnönü Boulevard, National Mücahit Rıfat Uslu Street, Karaisalı, Çavak and Mersin Stadium. Erdemli Motorway, D-400 Antalya Road, Çeşmeli pedestrians in the direction of the pedalers, Mersin Stadium, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, Migration and Meteorology Junction between the 10 round after taking the race ended Ozgecan Aslan Peace Square.

Awards winners

In the fourth and final stage of the race, 4. Stage General Classification, Russia's Marathon Tula team Maksim Piskunov first, Germany's Bike AID team Aaron Grosser, second and Kazakhstan National Team Roman Vassilenkov was the third.

Tour Of Mersin 2019 All Stage Sprint winner was Florian Obersteiner from Rad Team Herrmann of Germany and won the Turquoise Swimwear with 45 points.

As the winner of the All Stages Climbing, the athlete, who is the owner of Orange Swimwear, was 16 and Mustafa Sayar from Salcano Sakarya BB.

All Stage General Class winner was Germany's Bike AID's Peter Koning, and the 12 clock hit 45 minutes with the yellow jersey.

  1. Tour Of Mersin All Stage Classification Team was the team with the first 38 hours 27 45 seconds with the Minsk Cycling Team from Belarus.

The winners of the awards were awarded by the President and the members of the protocol.

President Select: in We have to increase the number of these events Başkan

Vahap Seçer, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality who presented his awards to the athletes, said Seç The race is beautiful, Mersin is beautiful, you are beautiful, everything is beautiful. Beauty adds value to you, we have to take care of them. We live in a really big city. We will all appreciate this. This is worthy of the city, we have to give the services that this city deserves. We care about such activities. Tour Of Mersin 5. is being made and nominated to become one of the most important events in the world. It is very important for the promotion of Mersin. Mersin is home to many civilizations. This hinterlant within the historical places to show the world, in order to promote the number of these activities have to increase the number of Bu.

President Seçer son The involvement and participation of citizens in the events is very important Başkan

Mr. Seçer stated that the activities to be held in Mersin should be attended by all segments of the society and the activities will instill a sense of social peace and solidarity to the city. Ğ The involvement of citizens in this type of activities is very important. Because all the people from Mersin must come here. Rich, poor, old, young, disadvantaged groups, everyone has to fuse here. This kind of activities will contribute positively to our social peace, unity and solidarity. We have to bring people from all over the world to Mersin for one reason or another. Mersin and social, economic, and cultural structure, as well as before, Mersin If we want to contribute to peace in Turkey, but for the region, not the world's activities and we need to make a beautiful waist where the festival, "he said.

Tour race in Mersin

This year's Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour 4. The tour, which was held at the end of the stage, added excitement to the excitement of Tour Of Mersin. President Seçer also rode bicycles on Adnan Menderes Boulevard together with the citizens of Mersin on public tour.

At the event where all citizens could participate free of charge, everyone from 7 to 70 joined the pedestrians along Adnan Menderes Boulevard without age limit. During the public tour, a total of 350 people rode bicycles and a lot of gifts were given to the citizens at the end of the event. In this way, the people of Mersin became a valuable part of the international event.

Mersin was a partner for this enthusiasm

25-28 5 was organized by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality between April and April. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour ended. Mersin's 13 district on the course of the round of hundreds of athletes pedaled Mersin. The race to start from Anamur 4 continued throughout the day and ended at the Özgecan Aslan Barış Square. During the Tour of Mersin, a total of 500,6 kilometers, Tarsus and Anamur shared the enthusiasm of all the people of Mersin, while they supported the Turkish flags with the Turkish flags.

Tour Of Mersin Fair was the address of entertainment

In addition, a fair was organized for the first time in Tour of Mersin. With the fair covering the Saturday and the market, the people of Mersin met around the unifying power of sport. Folk dances, dance ensembles and various shows were also organized. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Band Band met with the public, while Mersin Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra gave a concert. One of the most noticeable events in the fair was the VR Mersin stand, while the participants of VR Mersin had the opportunity to discover the unique beauty of Mersin from the seats.

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