The train left in Malatya, the train leaving the train, empty cars were struck and toppled

wagons separated from the train on the trawler in France
wagons separated from the train on the trawler in France

In the district of Hekimhan in Malatya, the train of 53071 consisting of ore-loaded wagons belonging to TCDD Tasimacilik AS, left the locomotive in Hekimhan station and hit the empty wagons waiting in the station and overturned. In the accident, railroads and heavy damage occurred on the rails.

The accident occurred at Hekimhan Station at noon. The freight train with iron ore installed 53071, led by the mechanic Mustafa Kemal Pektas, headed for the railway. However, the brakes of the train in progress were empty. Then the mechanic removed the cars from the locomotive and changed the scissors. Fast-moving wagons, 10 Km away from the station in Sivas, waiting to go to empty freight wagons hit. Due to the impact, a large number of wagons were derailed.

The engineer Mustafa Kemal Pektas used by the locomotive, losing speed near the station, stopped. In the accident where there was no injury, the mechanics were taken to the Hekimhan State Hospital by 112 Emergency Service teams in order to control them, and wagons and rails were damaged.

TCDD officials, the accident was closed due to the opening of the railway for the opening of the work was initiated, the car will be re-opened with the removal of the wagons. An investigation was launched against the accident.

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