North Marmara Motorway to be opened in 2020

the entire northern marmara highway will be in service
the entire northern marmara highway will be in service

Since the establishment of the Highways Agency's Regional Director for xnumx'uncu via the regular meeting of each year, the General Directorate of Highways Halil Rıfat Paşa Hall 69 began with an opening ceremony on Monday, April. The ceremony Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Deputy Minister Enver İSKURT, Director General of Highways Abdulkadir URALOĞL, the Deputy General Managers, Regional Managers, Department Heads, industry representatives and Karayolcu on.

TURHAN, speaking at the ceremony, said that these meetings held every year were a bu tradition of highway en, where the road map of the institution was determined.

TURHAN pointed out that the boundaries between the distant and the near, and that the global interaction is increasing in this period, the transportation becomes more important and that, We have opened the way for civilization, integrated with the world, enabling us to have a voice in transportation and access, General Directorate of Highways Kar said.

TURHAN stated that the main theme of all transportation projects since 2003 is integrated transportation systems, stating that they will continue to work without sacrificing, self-sacrificing and seriousness in order to realize the necessary infrastructure for the country's economy to achieve the envisaged targets.

XHUMX 2003 16 20 541 26 642 77 2018 185 625 39 2 81 17 771 3 294 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX TURHAN, XNUMX only XNUMX km XNUMX kilometer divided road, XNUMX km, the road network of the XNUMX'un, the main axes of nearly all of the road has been turned into a divided way, "Our speed of travel to XNUMX doubled, travel time is reduced by half . XNUMX is now on the divided roads. In addition, XNUMX billion XNUMX million pounds of annual fuel-time savings, as well as the emission of XNUMX million XNUMX million years of emission reduction have been achieved, "he said.

As a result of the work carried out on the road despite the increase of 2,5 floor traffic accidents 100 million vehicles x per kilometer accident loss of 5,72'dan 1,79'e giving the information that the number of deaths in the last 10 69 years, the number of deaths occurred at the crash site XNUMX, this decrease is a success though he also stated that there is absolutely nothing to settle.

Emphasizing the importance of Bituminous Hot Mixture (BSC) coating work for traffic safety and comfortable travel, TURHAN stated that the 37 km 25 km of the roads is BSK.

TURHAN stated that they completed the 90 of the east-west corridors and the 86 section of the north-south corridors.

TURHAN stated that the achievements in the projects implemented by Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) method gave confidence to the investors in the future projects and increased the demand.

TURHAN also stated that they attach great importance to the use of information technologies and spreading intelligent transportation systems in the studies based on the fact that we live in knowledge and technology, and said Yaş we are starting to work on the establishment of image based highway information system management bilgi.

Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir, North Marmara, 1915 Çanakkale-Bridge, including Kinali-Tekirdag-Çanakkale-Balıkesir Highway Malkara Gallipoli Lapseki Section and Menemen-Aliaga-Candarli motorways continue to work on the highway, saying that the entire North Marmara Motorway 2020 will open in the year, the continent provides an uninterrupted access to the interconnection of the historic Silk Road will be revived, he added.

General Director of Highways Abdulkadir URALOĞLU, since the establishment of the General Directorate of Highways, the love of the country has adopted his love; dormitories around the crossed paths, combining bridges, making passage do not exceed tunnels, always that implement people-oriented projects, sustainable growth condition of infrastructure in delivering the required standard, he said construction of the road to the future Turkey.

URALOĞLU emphasized that engineering is the art of performing the best possible conditions under the current circumstances. Inc By using our resources in the best way with the awareness of our responsibility to make our country the leader country in every field, we continue to work devotedly by seeing the beginning of the next one, “he said.

URALOĞLU, 2 thousand 842 km highway, 31 bin 21 km state road and 34 bin 171 km road road 68 thousand 34 km road road under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways, stating that the 25 thousand 215 km of these roads is a bituminous hot mix the coating, the 39 thousand 368 km is the surface coating, he said.

Last year, the main body and connecting roads including the 330 km-long service will be serving the basis of Ankara-Niğde Motorway passing the URALOĞLU, 690 altitude Cankurtaran Passage, constructed as a double-tube 5,2 km Cankurtaran Tunnel, between Izmir and Manisa The second longest scuba tunnel in the world's third country was opened by Ovit.

2023 will be the longest in the world with the middle opening of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, leaving behind an important stage, the bridge tower feet will sit on the base of the tower tower from the dry pool to the wet pool by mounting the steel shaft expressing URALOGLU, 400 km approaching the length of Istanbul ' Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, north of the north of the North Marmara Highway, which provides the transition to the completed sections of the service were also offered, he said.

URALOĞLU, the Mediterranean coastal road significantly increase the road standard and shorten the transportation time of the Mediterranean Coast Road has come a long way, a significant portion of the traffic to the 426 km-long Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway will be completely completed this year, Malatya-Elazig State Highway also announced the launch of Kökten Bridge at 660 m.

Upon completion of the excavation, the 14,5 bin of the Zigana Tunnel, which consists of a double tube of 16 km, will be the longest in our country and the second longest in Europe and the world's longest tunnel. URALOĞLU summarized the 2018 of the General Directorate of Highways as follows:

En In the motorway projects we have realized by Build-Operate-Transfer method, 185 km is being opened to traffic and our works are still going on in 777 km.

highways district meeting
highways district meeting

625 offers more service in divided roads that have an important place within the scope of our works to minimize road defects in traffic accidents; 861 km is the only way to complete traffic.

We made 1 795 km asphalt construction and repair work with 9 829 km Bituminous Hot Mixture coated and 11 thousand 864 km surface covered.

Within the scope of Maintenance and Traffic Safety works, 31 million 900 bin m2 horizontal, 175 bin m2 vertical marking, 2 bin 600 km guardrail made. While 223 pieces junction signalized controlled, 78 pieces were improved by cutting the black point and accident potential high.

To continue their lives without being affected by the highway of wild animal species in order Ecological've built a first in North Marmara Motorway bridge in Turkey.

2018-2019 12 300 422 9 7 24 400 380 3 2.900 690 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX thousand tonnes of salt, XNUMX bin mXNUMX aggregates, XNUMX tons of chemical defroster used, XNUMX km snow shield was made.

Constantly increasing overseas to further increase our trade volume, especially our land borders and ports, using functional and efficient, our efforts to improve our north-south axis connecting with each other for the provision of road transport are underway.

In this respect, we have completed the physical and geometric improvement of the 12 thousand 146 km of 18 units of North-South highway corridors 10 thousand 405 km. 1 035 km is still in progress and 706 km is planned to be tendered.

The 8 thousand 524 km of 7 thousand 651 km of 319 km, which is of great importance in freight and passenger transportation between Europe, Asia and Middle East, has been completed and opened to traffic. Preparations for the tender of the remaining 554 km are in progress.

In order to avoid compromising quality, our General Directorate's laboratories, which carry out their activities according to the principles and the maximum business discipline, have been developed to develop new products and systems that serve all the materials used in road construction, maintenance and operation. In this context, our laboratories; Besides the domestic market, it is the center where the technical problems of Turkish companies serving abroad are solved and reports with international validity are produced.

With the projects supported by TÜBİTAK, design methods of road pavements have been developed, silent, safe and long-lasting wear layer application requiring advanced technology has been started, reuse of scraped asphalt materials and use of bituminous binders depending on climate and traffic.

XALXLU, which explains the 2019 year targets, will complete 400 km split road and 522 km single platform road with 250 km highway road with 932 km total highway construction, 1 km new Bituminous Hot Mixed road construction and 250 8 km renewal, 800 23 thousand km surface coating construction and repair will be performed, the total length of the 92 24,7 km total km bridge, which 9 XNUMX total said the tunnel would be submitted to the service.

URALOĞL, Build with 2023 3 thousand km divided highway until year-Operate-Transfer 278 1 944 km of highways in the context of the total road network divided the entry into service 31 864 thousand km of transportation; 787 pieces of 9.071 bridges and viaducts with a total length of 700 km 470 pieces of tunnels will be opened to service, he added.

highways district meeting
highways district meeting

After the opening ceremony, General Manager Abdulkadir URALOĞLU, Heads of Departments and Regional Managers visited Anıtkabir. Signing the Anıtkabir Book, URALOĞLU wrote:

Aziz Atatürk,

With the understanding that t The Great Works of Great Nations “, we worked to equip the citizens with roads, bridges and tunnels and to provide safe and comfortable transportation to our citizens. 69. On the occasion of the meeting of the Regional Managers of Highways, we say, gel No way to stop! Gel without making any concessions to our principles with the belief and determination to carry out successful works for the development of our country.

Let your soul be shad!

After the visit to the Mausoleum, the Highways delegation moved to Istanbul where a week-long meetings were held.

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