Transfer Expands in Public Transport in Kayseri

kayseride is expanding in mass transit
kayseride is expanding in mass transit

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç has taken a series of decisions to facilitate transportation to citizens. Decisions taken 1 will be implemented from May. The innovations brought to the public will also contribute positively to the economy of the citizens and the city economy.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, the previous week in a row, held meetings on transportation and public transportation. A number of decisions taken as a result of these meetings will be implemented in May from 1.

In accordance with the decisions taken on public transportation, the fee received from the rail system to the bus or bus transfer was removed. From May to May, the transfer from the bus to the rail system will be free as well as the transfer from the bus to the bus. Citizens will not be charged in 1 minutes.

1 A further innovation that will be implemented since May will be the transfer points. There will be no direct bus service from the neighborhoods to Erciyes University. Seyyid Burhaneddin, Ahi Evran, Tacettin Veli, Surdibi, Hunat, Kaleönü and İnönü Boulevard.

Creation of transfer points for the Faculty will bring a number of ease. Buses coming from neighborhoods will be prevented from going to Faculty with fewer passengers and the number of buses using Talas Boulevard will be reduced. The number of expeditions of the Faculty line, where the 1600 expedition is made on the day of departure, will be reduced to 400 via transfer points. Thus, the number of buses using Talas Boulevard and Kartal Junction will be reduced by 1 / 4. With the new application that will greatly relax the traffic of Talas Boulevard and Kartal Junction, around 1400 tons of carbon emissions will be prevented annually. This application that will contribute to the environment, traffic and country economy will not bring an economic burden on citizens.

1 will be connected to the City Hospital with the new public transportation system to be implemented from May. Passengers going from the neighborhoods to the Faculty will use the City Hospital buses, which will pass through Cumhuriyet Square as a transfer bus. The new system also raises City Hospital flights. 30 minutes from Osman Kavuncu Street to City Hospital was reduced to 10 minutes. Every 10 minute from the Republic Square, Osman Kavuncu Boulevard-City Hospital direction and once every 10 a Bagdat Street-Bekir Yildiz Boulevard-City Hospital direction was expedited. This means that every 5 will take the bus to the City Hospital every minute.

In the new transportation system, one-way transportation from every neighborhood was made possible to the Faculty. Now citizens from every district of the Republic Square 80 free transfer within minutes to the Faculty or City Hospital will be able to go. The new system makes it possible to access from anywhere to anywhere, rather than from anywhere. The system makes it possible for citizens to use cheaper public transportation.

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