Kardemir does not cut speed in environmental investments

kardemir cevre is not speeding up investments
kardemir cevre is not speeding up investments

KARDEMİR, 2018 in 2 and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Etap has completed the Environmental Investments to a large extent. All environmental investments with the dedusting system in the Blast Furnace region to be completed in May will be completed.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as well as Karabük Municipality reported

- Renovation of the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant Online Station,
-Sinter Machines Maintenance of Electric Filters,
-Kireç Factory Dedusting Systems,
-Carbon Crusher Circle Dust Suppression Systems,
-Torpido Drain Pits Dust Collection Systems,
-Sinter Zone Dedusting Systems,
-Sinter Plant 1, 2 and 3. Desulphurisation Systems of Emission Machines,
-1 and 2. Crushing and Screening Plants Dust Suppression Systems,

and Kardemir General Manager, who stated that the investments of the roads were completed. Hüseyin Soykan stated that the completion rate of the furnace in the blast furnace dedusting systems reached% 70 and that all machinery and equipment will be completed by the end of May 2019.

In addition to these investments, Mr. Kardemir stated that the investments in concrete, greening and visual improvement were continuing uninterruptedly. Hüseyin Soykan stated that, until the end of 2018 in Kardemir, the concrete was paved on an area of ​​267.000 m², paving on an area of ​​81.000 m², and a plant planting of 2.940 units, including 38.406 trees and 41.346 units, was carried out.

The General Manager Soykan, who provided information on the visual improvement and greening works carried out in the last 3 month period, has been informed that; Uk Çuruf Tumba We presented the city facade of the facility to the people of Karabük with a new concept. In the 247 meter area of ​​the facade of Karabük neighborhood, we made 15.000 tons of soil and we planted 275 pieces of leylandi trees in this area. We will also start planting grass in this area of ​​8.500 m², which is still under construction for irrigation. In the same area, the planting of the lawn will be carried out in the 3.500m² area where the soil paving operations are going on, and thus, we will have a green view of the Kardemir in the front areas of Karabük and Kayabaşı Region. Yine

The greening work on the road to Ankara, and also continue to this area until the 551 pieces of leyhandi trees were revealed that the General Director of Cardemir. Hüseyin Soykan, 58 units inside and around the factory, in the Yenişehir region, instead of drying trees, 150 pieces of new trees were planted.

2 is committed with dedusting systems in the Blast Furnace region to be completed in May. Stating that the environmental investments will be completed, General Manager Soykan pointed out that all the stakeholders are satisfied with the sustainable growth approach while performing the activities of Kardemir. Ken I know that the most important expectation of us is the completion of our environmental investments. We will meet this expectation next month. After that, a more greener, more green Kardemir will be in the service of Karabük and our country. Bundan

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