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istanbul airport
istanbul airport

Both the construction and the opening of the media with a great success on the Istanbul Airport, no one said that they did not write Room TVElçin Demiröz, penned the debates and fares of the highly debated airport.

The 29 is planned to be opened on October 2018 but the third airport, which was postponed to New Year's Eve and then to April, was finally operational recently. Even though we call him the ik Third Airport mas, he actually occupied the second place with the Atatürk Airport's official appearance. So we have two airports in Istanbul. But there is no rail system that connects them with the city. Ataturk Airport, where the rail system is located, is out of use. Although the rumors continue to be used for cargo and official airplanes, it does not, of course, change the fact that the current subway is shelved with this airport.

The airport construction started in 2014 was subjected to many criticisms due to the disappearance of a significant part of the northern forests of the lungs of Istanbul, the fact that it is located on the bird migration routes, the nature of the challenging nature, the soundness of the ground due to the dried and filled pond and the deaths of workers during the construction. So we were about to get one of the three, so we settled for two.


Istanbul Airport, introduced with the discourse of X The World's Largest Airport “, is the world's 4. great airport location. Considering that the previous 3 airport is in Arabia and America, it seems that we will limit our appetite for a Arabistan most göz sentence to Europe for the time being. Because when we look at the world, the concept of, magnitude aya is measured by the number of people it serves, rather than by the ports. So functionality comes, of course, before the size. The airport, which currently has the highest passenger capacity in the world, is located in Atlanta with the number of passengers up to 110 million per year at Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport. The number of passengers that Istanbul Airport is targeting is 2018 million, and in the long term it is 68-90 million. Assuming that all the targets of the airline companies that plan to grow in an airport that is planning to grow in one of the busiest et hubs ın of the world are on their way ' ) We may never reach the concept of abilir the greatest).


Is everything okay in an airport? Welcome to the first experiences from the eyes of both pilots and passengers!


At the Istanbul Airport, there is an active and aligned 2 runway. When the project is completed, there will be a total 5 runway, one of which will be located at a different angle. However, there is currently no runway alternative to varying wind conditions from different angles. As it can be understood from the wind farms around the airport, this region has harsh weather conditions, especially in autumn and winter, with severe winds and sudden fog pressure that almost suppresses almost every hour of the day. What happened a month ago? No major migration had already taken place, and the side wind limits for the second captain were suddenly increased during the landing of the aircraft. So what does that mean? Under normal conditions, the pilot has more than 15 knott winds and / or has the right to fall into another area and this limit is now increased to the 25 knott. This means that we are waiting for iye more exciting iye descents that require compelling landing in more challenging weather conditions than in the past and that are proportional to the knowledge, skills and experience of the pilot. Come on, man!


The fact that only two of the active runways are located in the eastern direction of the terminal building leads to very long (40-50) taxi times during the arrival of parked aircraft to the extreme runway or to the parking area. This time domestic flights almost as much as the journey itself. That means an additional fuel consumption. Moreover, due to the prolonged taxi times, the daily flight times are normally exceeded in the da go-to g destinations and the teams have to make yachts at their destination. This increases the cost of airlines.


If the Canal Istanbul project, which was planned to be realized simultaneously with the airport, was implemented, the land removed would be used as filling material at the airport. When this was not possible, the filling material was insufficient. Particularly with the ponds that were dried, the roads filled with collapsed roads caused the formation of uneven ramps on any runway of the world. In fact, a taxi that makes a taxi can climb up and down the slopes that can be considered serious to reach the runway or park. When the planes land, especially to save fuel to stop one of the engines to overcome these ramps no longer need to save the system. Considering the long taxi times, this also means an extra cost. In addition, the automatic system called Docking Guidance System, which is used to park aircraft, is not available due to malfunction. For this reason, the marshals, that is, the park attendant, are allocated for each descending aircraft. This is reflected in the size of security, overtime, and human resources.


The airport is located on 76,5 million square meters and has a single terminal building. A passenger has to take the flight between the average 1.500 - 3.000 to go to the door. Especially at the last moment, it is very difficult to reach from door to door. There is no rail system between the doors and there are no solutions that transit passengers can reach to the connection flight in a faster time. In short, internal transfers at the airport are also waiting for an urgent solution.

The same problem applies to airport transfers from the city center. Currently, transportation can only be made by Havaist, İETT buses, taxi and private vehicles. One-way price of Havaist is 21 TL. In the past, this fee can be charged cash is currently only through Istanbul Card. Foreign national passengers are sent to queues to receive this card in a makeshift English language. Also, if you prefer a toll motorway, a one-time toll from this freeway is 45 TL. Even the cost of going to and from the airport can be paid by the airplane ticket. The parking fees are more expensive than the other airports. 30 hours spent in a car parked in a closed car park 1 TL, daily 21 TL. So 63 1 + 2 (63-24 time between 1)

Exorbitant fees are not only in the parking lot, but also in the airport and even in flights. 7 (one) leaf wrap 1 TL.

2 TL at Atatürk Airport. In addition, because the point of delivery is at the opposite end of the airport, many passengers cannot afford to walk back all the way, leaving their car to the place where it has to burn.


In short, the current situation of Istanbul Airport for domestic flights, extending taxi, so the duration of travel, as well as the transportation of the airport seems to be difficult and costly. For those who say m Aircrafts can go comfortably in the fog ul, it is unclear if the transfer to the airport where there is no rail transport is made only by vehicles, these vehicles can reach the airport with confidence in the fog and the unexamined current motorway with the hustle and bustle. We leave the complications that may occur during the flight to the seasons where more severe weather conditions will occur. I would like to see the invoice for the additional costs that the return airplanes will not create because they cannot make safe landings ın

While there is already an airport waiting for thousands of people to enter our lives when this ambitious structure is ready in every sense, we will see how much the motivation of Atatürk Airport to implement the new airport is the right decision. . It is worth remembering that there is only 6 airport in London. Istanbul, such as a more advantageous location in a metropolitan area why not 3 airport.

Let's finish it well though.

Even in a city where the mayor is not even known, let's say that ğı it is not certain Daha.

Perhaps a movie comes to the city in a beautiful forest film

The climate changes Mediterranean and we smile.

Elçin Demiröz

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