İstanbul Ankara: 'Speed ​​Train, Aircraft?'

Are you looking for flights from Istanbul to Ankara?
Are you looking for flights from Istanbul to Ankara?

Istanbul-Ankara is a flight line where Turkish Airlines is a monopoly. High Speed ​​Train in Istanbul HalkalıThe distance between the two cities, starting with 'Marmaray' and crossing the strait, became even shorter. Is the high-speed train the rival of the plane between Istanbul and Ankara? Abdullah Nergiz from Airline 101 wrote Hav

For more than a hundred years, the suburban line connecting Istanbul to the east-west direction was renewed within the framework of the Marmaray project and entered service today.

The most important difference of the renewed line is that it does not end in Sirkeci on the European side of the city and in Haydarpaşa on the Anatolian side.

Within the framework of the Marmaray project, trains connect the two sides of Istanbul directly with the Bosphorus Tube Pass, which was completed in previous years.

In fact, two birds were hit with one stone.

The train transportation between Istanbul and Ankara between the two sides is accelerated and the high-speed train line between Istanbul and Ankara passes through the European side of the city. HalkalıIt goes back to.


TCDD announced that the high speed train services will cover the distance between Istanbul and Ankara.

According to this; HalkalıThe train departs at 06: 15 in the morning and arrives at the Ankara Station at 11: 31. So the total travel time will be only 5 hours 16 minutes.

When we do the same account for the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the same train will be lifted at 07: 02, for example, from Söğütlüçeşme. In other words, a passenger arriving here will be in Ankara after 4 hours 29 minutes.

The only disadvantage here is that only two of the eight voyages between the two cities will pass on the European side.

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