British Serco Group to Operate Dubai Metro until 2021 Year

british serco
british serco

The Highways and Transport Administration (RTA) signed a contract to extend the operation and maintenance of the Dubai Metro to the British Serco Group until September 2021. The new contract covers the operation and maintenance of the Dubai Metro Red Line Extension Project (Rota 2020). This extension covers 15 km and connects the 7 station (5 upgraded and 2 underground) and the service test run is expected to start in February 2020.

The Dubai Metro lines will now have a network length of 75 km, with the Red Line expansion going to 90 km and running on 120 over peak times.

The total value of the fixed base fee for the two-year contract is about 680 million AED (equivalent to approximately 140 million pounds).

Mattar Al Tayer, RTA General Director and Chief Executive Officer, signed the Contract on behalf of RTA and Hon. Rupert Soames, Serco Group Chief Executive Officer, represented Serco during the signing ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Baroness Rona Fairhead, Minister of Commerce and Export Promotion, and Patrick Moody, the UK's ambassador to the UAE.

Al Tayer said, bir Serco has achieved operational performance levels on the Dubai Metro with a high train service of 99,9 of% 99,8 for one minute. 2018 sets the 204 million travel record. The RTA had the latest technologies in the railway operation industry. It contributed to the acquisition of these indicators. Bu

Acak Under the contract, the Company will provide operation and maintenance services to the Route 2020, which extends both the lines of the Dubai Metro and the Red Line to the Expo area. The contract also covers all subway assets such as trains, railways. It will also address the provision of first-class passenger transit services tailored to the daily riding demands. Aynı

Id The scope of the contract is the recruitment and training of Dubai Metro salary systems, as well as the recruitment and training of citizens for the realization of a specific Emission goal, as well as the collection and return of the cards of the RAT, the Emirates, and the willingness to acquire the information transfer. International expertise in the operation and maintenance of rail systems is a new area in the region. Işlet (

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