İBB Council Member CHP Kösedağı: We Will Extend the Rail System to the Whole City in Public Transport

ibb parliamentary chick
ibb parliamentary chick

CHP İBB Council Member Mesut Kösedağı stated in his speech at the Assembly: kür We are going to make a transition to an IETT which solves the problems quickly by eliminating an IETT strategy that plugs its ears into the people of Istanbul. So in short, we will produce a solution, because if Imamoglu has a solution Yani

President Ekrem İmamoğluOn behalf of the Republican People's Party Group (CHP) Group, upon the IETT 2019 Activity Report discussed at the April 2018 Assembly meetings of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly, convened under the Presidency of Kadıköy Municipality and IMM Assembly CHP Member Mesut Kösedağı listed his opinions, criticisms and suggestions and drew attention to the following sentences: “Our President, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğluDuring the election process, transportation and traffic problems were at the forefront of the issue that he mentioned and cared most. Istanbul will have the transportation it has missed and deserved during this period. Especially mothers and children will be the happiest. No one should have any doubt that our President will fulfill the promises he made during the election period as soon as possible. As CHP Assembly Members for years, we have always expressed that the problems of public transportation in Istanbul and the solution proposals are clear. While IMM was in opposition until yesterday, as CHP, we worked with all our strength to solve the problems of Istanbulites in public transportation, and as the government, we will continue to work with all our strength. The people of Istanbul will follow us by watching live broadcasts as they are now and will send us their suggestions and requests instantly. In short, we will produce a solution, because if there is İMAMOĞLU, there is a solution”

On IETT 2018 Annual Report, on behalf of the Republican People's Party Group (CHP) Group Kadıköy Municipality and IMM Assembly CHP Member Mesut Kösedağı's full text of the parliamentary speech:

Dear President, Dear Members of the Assembly, I would like to thank our guests and thousands of Istanbul citizens who follow us live on our behalf and on behalf of my group. I have mentioned on behalf of the group to discuss IETT's 2018 annual report.

During the last five-year period, IETT's activity and performance reports generally took the name of the group and evaluated the reports and criticized the deficiencies. But I am now a member of the ruling party.

There is a reason to remind this, almost every year, increasing the problems of public transportation and our solution proposals have been told many times from this rostrum, but Mr. Kadir Topbas and Sn. Mevlüt Uysal blocked our criticism and suggestions and refused to provide a comfortable transportation to the people of Istanbul.

In return, the people of Istanbul 31 Mart local elections in the mazbatayı Sn. By giving Ekrem İMAMOĞLU to this management approach reacted. We would like to thank the people of Istanbul who are again here. As a result, there is now a mayor who knows the problems of the people of Istanbul and listens to them.

As you know, Mr. Ekrem İMAMOĞLU's most important and important issues during the election campaign were public transportation and traffic issues. During this period, the people of Istanbul will be satisfied and have the right to reach. Especially the most students and mothers will be happy. We have no doubt that no one will doubt that our president will fulfill all his promises in the election campaign in the near future because if there is, there is a solution.

Mr. President, I'm not gonna drown you in the numbers according to IETT's 2018 data. Instead, I will try to contribute to taking necessary measures to ensure the comfortable transportation of Istanbul people by addressing the chronic problems of public transportation and their solutions.

The activity reports are now being prepared with a copy and paste system. So only by changing certain figures are ignored problems. We think that this method should be abandoned immediately and a more participatory and inclusive activity report should be prepared and swot analysis should be performed.

  • IETT is a very strong organization in terms of structure, - 3000 vehicles, - 5300 personnel, - And it is a huge institution with a budget of about 2 billion.

This organization needs to renew itself every year and adapt to changing conditions. First of all, IETT should change its training strategy by removing the problems of the drivers. Every investment made to our drivers is actually made to the people of Istanbul.

Now we do not want to see news about IETT accident and fight in the main news. Again, one of the biggest problems faced by the public in Istanbul is the difficulties in reaching the stops. Especially disabled and strolled mothers are very victimized. The 10 station is still available for approximately 45 years.

It is inevitable that IETT will produce new and fast solutions for transportation to stops. All overpasses on the BRT line must be urgently reviewed. Another urgent solution is the transfer centers. Especially metro-metrobus transport centers should be handled quickly and made suitable for the people of Istanbul. Those bad images should stay in the past.


Sec. As Ekrem İMAMOĞLU says, değil our priority is not places where we get high votes, but there will be places left behind in service İM. In this way, 16 million citizens in Istanbul will receive equal service in all matters.


Dear citizens of Istanbul, we know your problems and wishes in public transportation as the Republican People's Party and we will work with our strength to solve them in the new period. You will follow us with live broadcasts as you are now, and you will receive our suggestions and requests instantly. So the problems will be resolved without becoming chronic and you will have a comfortable breath. For example, we will try to increase the number of 24 or even night flights available at this time.

We are going to offer about 41 thousand square meters of land in the hands of IETT, not to associations, but to the people of Istanbul.

As we all know, we will make sure that the number of technicians is increased for the equipment that is often distorted but difficult. Thus, deteriorating elevators and ladders will be repaired faster and disruptions will be reduced. We will be working on special public buses treated with step-sons for years and will be working to meet their wishes.

Mr. President, Mr. Assembly Members, Distinguished Guests; As a result, we will work together on everything for a new beginning in Istanbul. We know the problems and the solutions, all our efforts are to see the value that people in this ancient city deserve. As a metropolitan municipality, we will act with a transparent and solution-oriented management approach. We will bring the IETT which has the dead land on it.

We will spread the rail system, which is the most basic element of public transportation, to the whole city. We'il expand the Metro network. We will produce solutions by giving priority to chronic lines. In order to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul, we will not get support from the relevant professional chambers CSOs and institutions, I will say that I have done.

So in short, we will produce solutions because if there is a solution IMAMOGLU

As a result: As can be seen from all these explanations, IETT has several sides to correct. In this period, we will pass an IETT which solves the problems quickly by eliminating an IETT strategy blocking its ears to the people of Istanbul.

In addition, our Istanbul metropolitan mayor, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğluAs stated by IETT, IETT will not serve any party anymore. Buses will not be allocated to the rallies. IETT's job will now be to work to make the people of Istanbul more comfortable in public transportation.

As the CHP group, we will say yes to this activity report which has many deficiencies in order to consolidate our vision of unity and solidarity in the new era, to solve problems together and to use common sense. Because Istanbul no longer needs to unite but to unite. (Yenisoluk)

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