Gölcük Siretiye Mamuriye Bridge Tied 7 Village Together

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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work on roads providing access to villages. The narrow road sections are being expanded, while the bridges that provide one-way journeys are also removed in two lanes. In this context, the bridge used in the transportation of the 7 neighborhood in Gölcük district was demolished. Removing the existing bridge, the Department of Transportation, completed the construction work of the new bridge presented to the citizens.


The old bridge was single-lane and was extended due to lack of traffic flow in the region. The new over-the-top bridge was built with 2 lane. Each strip of the 13 meter-wide bridge is set to 4 meters. On the bridge, pedestrians were also paved with double sided 2.5 meters wide. The bridge was built in total length of 34 meters.


Within the scope of the project, 3 thousand 500 cubic meters were excavated. In the bridge study, a thousand cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete and 160 ton ribbed reinforcing steel were used. 90 tone asphalt was laid on the bridge floor. 10 pieces of 34 meter length precast beam were manufactured on the bridge. Drinking water line displacement studies were carried out on the existing bridge with 400 mm diameter. Within the scope of the project, the connection roads of the bridge have been completed by paving.

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