Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Metro Line Will Be Completed in 2020!

Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Metro
Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Metro

📩 14/02/2022 07:59

Turkey's Istanbul Airport airport transportation giant starts, the time for making transportation Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Turhan Minister announced the latest situation on the Metro line.

Istanbul's new airport move will begin tonight. On the other hand, the transportation problem is at the top of the issues that citizens are most curious about. While the Havaist flights started by İBB continue to provide uninterrupted service, Istanbul Airport metro work continues at a great pace.

Making a statement on the subject, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said, “The metro works between Gayrettepe and Istanbul Airport are continuing rapidly for the transportation of our people to the Airport by metro. Our aim is to provide this line to service in the beginning of 2020, and will provide a more comfortable transportation to Istanbul's airport. also HalkalıWe are also establishing the rail system infrastructure between Istanbul Airport. We plan to put this line into service in the next year. ” used expressions.

gayrettepe istanbul airport will be completed by metro line

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