Work Continues for Muğla Without Barriers

work continues for unimpeded mugla
work continues for unimpeded mugla

📩 18/04/2019 11:16

In Muğla, police teams left the brochure on pedestrian, bicycle, disabled roads and bus stops, leaving the brochure "Don't Put You On An Obstacle" and informed the drivers.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality municipal police teams started work on bus stops and especially on the problems experienced by the vehicles parked on pedestrian and disabled roads. Police teams in the work they do at certain points in the study of information about this issue, the pedestrian and disabled vehicles were left in the brochures in the vehicles were left to inform the drivers. Due to improperly parked vehicles, the study will be carried out in order to draw attention to the problems experienced by the disabled citizens and the families carrying the baby carriage and their children.

Within the scope of the project, which was initiated under the name of alar You are in an obstacle olma, the practices will be continued in order to prevent the transportation of pedestrians and reduce the difficulties of our disabled citizens.

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