Domestic and National Brand Electric Bus Our brand 'SIGN'

domestic and national brand electric bus brand sileo
domestic and national brand electric bus brand sileo

To produce Turkey's first indigenous percent in the year 100 2014 electric buses beginning and in local and national Sileo 2017 2. generation of vehicles Bozankaya continues its investments in Ankara.

Sileo, electric battery-operated, 10m, 12m, 18m, 25m length options, providing fast passenger download-overlay,% 100 low-base, Italian CUNA, German VDV, StVZO vision and driver zone in accordance with European standards, 75 to 232 passengers between capacity, environmentally friendly, quiet, efficient and economical city bus.

The creation of environmentally friendly zones with zero emissions in urban transportation is preferred in terms of providing high performance without any loss of power since there is no transfer organs and there is no increase in efficiency in the areas where urban stop and wake is frequent.

These vehicles are contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in cities and with the features that save close to% 75 compared to diesel vehicles. Depending on the 4 hourly charge, the distance to 400 km can be covered.

With its regenerative energy, the new SILEO also converts the brake energy into electrical energy and dynamically charges the vehicle's battery. Instead of the internal combustion engine, the use of an electric motor on the axle creates a large and spacious interior, while the passenger carrying capacity of the vehicle is 10 and the 25 m. 75 can be increased from 232 to XNUMX by different lengths.

Bozankaya Sileo, the national and national brand exported to Germany by our company, is used today in Eskişehir, Konya, İzmir, Manisa, Elazığ and Urfa (İlhami Pektaş)

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