Direct Flights to Baku Start From Ankara and Izmir

direct flights start from ankara and Izmir
direct flights start from ankara and Izmir

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkish Airlines (THY) Antalya-Baku line after the 22 as of April in Ankara-Baku, Pegasus Airlines in the summer of Izmir-Baku flights will start said.

Minister Turhan, until last year between Turkey and Azerbaijan 70 frequency weekly maximum time that can be made, said that this number rises to 2018 from 126 frequency.

Last year, the 7 919 972 533 passenger transport between the two countries indicating that the Turhan, the amount of cargo delivered by air found the 17 thousand 527 hue found.

Turhan, 2019 summer timetable in the Antalya-Baku line of THY started to recall the scheduled flights, tarif 22 April from Ankara to Baku flights will be made. Pegasus Airlines will start flights between Izmir and Baku in the summer period. Thus, the flight network between the two countries will expand and become stronger. Böylece

New deal on the road

Minister Turhan between Azerbaijan and Turkey was 90 the number of flights performed in mutual last year, this year's summer period both countries, authorities confirmed the flight permit according to the weekly total 115 frequency of flights will be conducted, so that last year, about ten percent expressed 30 increase will be achieved by.

Turhan emphasized that the said increase in flights would contribute positively to the economic and cultural interaction between the two countries. We hope that a new Air Transport Agreement will be signed soon. yeni

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