Additional Shuttle to Sea Transportation for Presidential Cycling Tour

sea ​​transport for the presidential bicycle tour
sea ​​transport for the presidential bicycle tour

Directorate of Maritime Transport of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Public Transport, 20 April (tomorrow) 55 on Saturday. During the transition from the Presidential Tour of Turkey in Kocaeli, Gölcük k.mürsel-hour 13.30-16.00 from 130 Başiskele in the county D-specifying the path will be closed to traffic, he mentioned the possibility of additional time.

55. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey which set the stage for marine transportation due to additional time in Kocaeli, Izmit-Karamürsel hours of Saturday, April 20 direction in 12.00 will begin to ferry will depart from Izmit. The ferry arriving at the lake will take off at 12.30. Then the additional voyage arriving at Değirmendere will move to Karamürsel at 12.45. Another additional time is the 15 from Göcük. 20 will be removed, but the expedition will only go to Değirmendere. In the evening 16.40 will go to İzmit and Değirmendere.

20 On April Saturday, the D-13.30 road will be closed during the 16.00-130 hours in the K.Mürsel-Gölcük-Başiskele districts. Karamürsel'dan first time will depart at the time 14.15'de. Değirmendere, Gölcük to go to Izmit from the additional voyage of the time will be in Izmit 15.45'de. The other additional time will come from Değirmendere at 15.45 to İzmit. 55. Due to Presidential Cycling Tour, 22 will continue to serve on tour routes to prevent public transport services from being interrupted.

sea ​​transport for the presidential bicycle tour
sea ​​transport for the presidential bicycle tour


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